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Northern Virginia and Washington DC have a reputation for having too much traffic, congested roads and long commutes.

Our agents will tell you this reputation is mostly well deserved. However, once we know exactly where you'll be working we can suggest some of the best communities to suit your budget and your tolerance for commuting. What follows are a few communities that come to mind but the list is by no means exhaustive. It's just a launching point for those who want to explore but have no idea where to begin.


Suggestions By Rank

Freedom, Baby!

Of course, we believe that anyone in America can live anywhere they can want. This list is not meant to be exclusive or exhaustive but this list is reflective of where some of our experience has led us. That's because rank is often linked to buying capacity and the communities at the top of the list will command the larger prices. Once we know your tastes, your budget and where you'll be posted we can make specific suggestions tailored to your interests.


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Let's face it. There are more than a million homes in the area. We look at houses every single day for years on end and we still find surprises sometimes. Stuart grew up here and went to school here and he's still learning some back corners of Northern Virginia.  It can take decades to get to know a place as large and diverse as Northern VA.

That means that there is no way you're going to really get to know Northern Virginia by sifting through pages of listings and pictures of homes.  Listings alone will only tell you so much.  But that's where our agents and our Guide to Northern Virginia come in.  Both are a great resources for incoming military. The Guide starts you at the satellite level and allow you to work your way down by breaking down the area into manageable communities so that you can drill down into areas of interest. With your feedback, our agents can fill in the details and point you to things you might have overlooked.

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