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An HOA, or homeowner association, is common in neighborhoods across Northern Virginia. All condominiums have an HOA (or COA) and condos are pretty common in Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax County. Association leadership is provided by unpaid, elected members of the association. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, an HOA, COA or POA is often required to procure the services of a professional association manager. Professional management is responsible for essential managerial functions on a full-time basis. Most association management companies are large companies focusing on large associations.  Nesbitt Realty can certainly handle a large association but Nesbitt Realty will also can manage a smaller home owners association, condominium association or property association.

Our small family-run business takes a different and more personal approach from most community management companies. We're big enough to have the software and resources to get the job done, but we're small enough to care about your association---even if it's only a few homes or offices.



What services we can provide for your community?

  • We collect and track condo fees, expenses and other sources of income.
  • We prepare a monthly statement of your association's financial situation.
  • We prepare an annual statement and can order tax preparation services.
  • Our experts can can negotiate and manage service contracts.
  • We can hire, train and supervise onsite personnel and subcontractors.
  • Our experts regularly assessing property conditions and respond quickly to maintenance requests.
  • We recommend proactive steps to avoid trouble and react quickly when trouble strikes.
  • We have a network of seasoned professionals who can service your community needs.

We promise to responding promptly to all requests for service or emergencies, 24 hours per day/7 days a week and 365 days a year.


  • We provide provide professional consultations to community leadership.
  • We can provide resources to enforcing governing documents.
  • We have the interpersonal skills needed to assisting leadership with the resolution of member disputes.
  • We can help with your community's annual meeting.
  • We will send of meeting notices and announcements, and help to secure a quorum.
  • We can help with the creation and distribution of a meeting agenda.


  • Under guidance of the governing documents and leadership we can help establish and maintain a resale/rental screening system.
  • We can complete and processing resale certificates.
  • We can providing assistance to owners and real estate agents selling homes within the association.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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