Property Management Basics

Is this your first time using a property manager? Do you need to know more about property management?

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Landlord Reference

Important information and FAQ for landlord clients of Nesbitt Realty

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The Nesbitt Difference

What makes us different from other property managers in Northern Virginia?

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Getting Started
Information for new clients who are setting up their property management account with us.

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Managing your real estate investment

You get the cash flow. We get the work.

Your investment in real estate is a business like any other. As a landlord, you have expenses, income and with perseverance, you also have the expectation of financial reward.

In the business of real estate investment, nearly all cashflow comes from tenants. And that's the catch: If you have tenants, you will have problems. Even the best of tenants have needs and all properties will require maintenance or management at some point. A property management company takes all the hassle out of rental management.

About Renters

A good renter will respect your property and pay timely rent. A bad renter can damage or destroy your property. The worst of all renters damages your property and does not pay any rent at all. Life’s too short to deal with bad renters.

  • More about Tenant Management

    At Nesbitt Realty, we’ll find the best quality renter for your property. We carefully screen tenants to give the highest possible chance for success. Once the tenant is in place we fairly enforce the terms of the lease so that the tenant knows our expectations.

    Once the property is leased, we’ll do the administration and handle the details of managing the property. We’ll maintain your good name and foster good relations between you and the tenant, but we will set clear boundaries so that your renter understands his rights and duties as a tenant.

What every property manager should know.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then it might be a good idea to employ the services of a good property manager.

  • What could go wrong?

    • What is the proper procedure for filing a notice to pay rent?
    • What notices can permissibly be served to a tenant under the terms of a lease?
    • What important legislation is looming on the horizon regarding debt collection?
    • By law, what is the maximum security deposit you can collect in Virginia?
    • What rights do you have (or not have) regarding pets on your property?
    • What amenities are included (or not included) with your property?
    • What are the latest fair credit reporting rules and requirements?
    • What are the Federal and/or State laws that govern fair housing?
    • What questions are you NOT allowed to ask on an application?
    • What laws apply to abandoned personal property left behind by a tenant?
    • What happens if the tenant moves in an unauthorized pet or another occupant?
    • What do I do if the tenant has noise violations or otherwise violates HOA rules?

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