Repair Deductible

Your lease describes the amount of the "repair deductible".  The deductible is like a deductible in your car or health insurance. The tenant pays a deductible each time there is a repair and when maintenance is required.  The repair deductibles are much lower than the deductibles that you'll find on your car or health insurance.  A deductible has nothing to do with who is at fault or if any damage was done.  A deductible is a landlord's way of creating a partnership with the tenant so that both parties are responsible for keep the home in good repair. Deductibles also discourage frivolous claims and repairs.

Information for Renters of Property Managed by Nesbitt Realty

You deserve a decent and safe place to live. Nesbitt Realty strives to maintain a high-standard of living in the properties we manage. We will work to ensure that your residence exceeds the requirements of local building and health codes concerning the condition of your rental property.

So long as Nesbitt Realty is managing your property, we promise to make the necessary and timely repairs to keep your home in a livable condition. We will maintain in good and safe working condition all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning units as well as other facilities and appliances, including elevators, supplied or required to be supplied by the landlord or the landlord's agents.

Before your tenancy we will make a reasonable effort to prevent the accumulation of moisture and the growth of mold. We will always provide and maintain good quality trash cans and trash pick-up services in common areas of your residence. Unless the systems are in the process of being repaired or upgraded, we will supply running water and reasonable amounts of hot water at all times as well as reasonable air conditioning, if provided, and heat when needed. We will strive to make all repairs and upgrades in a timely manner.

Report Maintenance Issues Here

If any of your systems break-down or if you residence requires maintenance please contact us immediately at the contacts provided at the start of this document. We want to keep your unit in good shape, so please tell us if you have any problems. We will occasionally inspect your residence to keep things in top order, but if you know that something is broken, please don't wait for the inspection. With your permission, we can allow most repairmen to pick up a copy of your keys from our office. When this happens, the repairman can let himself into your home to make the repair.

However, some repairman cannot or will not pick up keys. Some repairmen require that someone be home while they work. In those cases, you should meet the repairman at your home. If you cannot meet the repairman at your home, we can let a repairman in and supervise his work. However, if Nesbitt Realty does this for you, you must pay a trip charge of $50 to Nesbitt Realty.

Please check Tenant Responsibilities below before you make a maintenance request.

Please note that some repairs are NOT the landlord's responsibility. For example, if you damage or misuse the property, you may be held responsible for the cost of the repair. If you clog your drain up, you as the tenant will pay the plumber to fix the drain. If you break a window or abuse a door, you must pay to fix that problem. Almost all pest control is a tenant responsibility.

If you have accidentally caused a problem, feel free to contact us first. Often we can get the work done cheaper than you may find on the open market.


If you wish to improve your residence please contact us in writing. Describe the work you want to have done and who you expect to pay for the work you would like to have done. Some tenants obtain permission and paint. Other tenants install new carpet. Sometimes the tenant pays for this. Often the landlord pays for the work but builds the cost into a rent-increase. We'll take a look at your proposal and try to make it work for you and for the landlord.

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How to report maintenance issues. You may also wish to look at this information about repairs during tenancy.