Electronic Payments

You can use this page to submit your rental payment by credit card. Please fill out all fields. Nesbitt Realty doesn't charge anything for this, but there is a fee charged by the credit card companies for this service. The actual fee will be calculated and displayed after you enter your information but before you are charged. If you do not agree with the charge, you can cancel the process before you are charged.  If you don't like the fee, but still want to pay electronically, you can set up a pre-authorized check. (See below.)  It's a little more complicated but a LOT cheaper.

Pre-authorized Check

If you schedule 6 or more checks, pre-authorized electronic checks are free. These do not use credit cards, but rather come from your checking account. Pre-authorized electronic checks must be set-up in advance and will be debited on a schedule you establish.  Call Nesbitt Realty (703)765-0300 and talk to Kim to set-up pre-authorized checks.


There is a fee for electronic payments, but you can mail rent checks or drop off rent at no charge. We accept checks at our office at 1451 Belle Haven Rd. #222, Alexandria VA 22307. The main door of the Belle Haven Professional Building is open from 7 am to 7 pm. After normal business hours, you can drop rent into our drop slot on our door on the 2nd floor.