Each time a tenant moves into a property, Nesbitt Realty performs a move-in inspection.  In that move-in inspection we document the condition of the property.  As a tenant, you have a right to document the condition of the property and we provide this handy form for you to report any problems or issues.

Who uses this form?

If you are a tenant moving into a property managed by Nesbitt Realty use this form as many times as necessary to document issues in your rental unit.

Why fill out this form?

The purpose of the move-in inspection is NOT to create a to-do list or a punch-list of upgrade requests. The purpose of the move-in inspection is to document deficiencies so that the tenant is not held accountable for prior-existing conditions at the end of your tenancy. The purpose of this form is to protect your deposit when you move-out.

What if repairs are needed?

If your rental is in need of repairs, the landlord has a duty to make repairs. This form will make management aware of necessary repairs and we will dispatch maintenance people promptly. It is the landlord's obligation to repair broken systems or repair items that make the property uninhabitable.  At the same time, the landlord does not have a duty to upgrade the condition of the property. Upgrade requests will be submitted to the landlord but upgrade requests are not always accepted.

What's the difference between a repair and an upgrade?

For example, if the toilet is non-functional on the day you move-in, we will fix that toilet as quickly as possible.  If you do not like the color or condition of the carpets or the walls, this will not change unless it was specified in your lease.  If there are existing scuffs, they will not necessarily be repaired but it is important to document those scuffs so that these are not charged against your deposit when you move-out.