Old Town Alexandria Real Estate: Prices, Pictures, Facts and Map

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About Old Town Alexandria

Many people feel that Old Town is the heart of Alexandria VA. As the name implies, Old Town is the oldest part of Alexandria, a port in colonial times. Historic Old Town Alexandria is found along the Potomac, just inside the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and then north toward Reagan National Airport. Old Town is served by the King St. Metro and the King St. trolley. With over 100 restaurants, shops, boutiques, coffee shops, ice cream houses and more, there's always fun to be found in Old Town.

properties For Sale in Old Town Alexandria

Affordable ($1 to $300,000) 1 Active
Entry-Level ($300,001 to $750,000) 1 Active
Premium ($750,001 to $1,100,000) 2 Active
Luxury ($1,100,001 to $1,500,000) 2 Active
Super Luxury ($1,500,001 And Up) 4 Active

properties For Sale in old town alexandria

18th Century2 Active
19th Century4 Active
Early 20th Century1 Active
Mid 20th Century3 Active

properties For Sale in old town alexandria

Modest1 Active
Mid-Sized2 Active
Large2 Active
Big1 Active
Very Large2 Active
Sprawling2 Active

properties For Sale in old town alexandria

2 BR2 Active
3 BR2 Active
4 BR2 Active
5 BR2 Active
6 BR1 Active
7 BR1 Active

properties For Sale

priced between $1,500,001 to $999,999,999
Tiny2 Active
Small1 Active
Modest3 Active
Mid-Sized5 Active
Large16 Active
Big15 Active
Very Large63 Active
Sprawling379 Active

Real Estate In Old Town Alexandria

Single-Family Residences For Sale in Old Town Alexandria VA

$4,300,000 at Old Town SE Quadrant


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