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Franconia is located just southwest of the City of Alexandria in Fairfax County. Franconia has existed as a community since the 1870s, when a station by that name opened on the RF&P Railroad; however, like most of the surrounding area, it only began to develop into its present, suburban form in the 1950s. Franconia borders Fort Belvoir and includes most of Kingstowne and other neighborhoods such as HayfieldManchester Lakes and Windsor Park. Franconia homes have street addresses with an Alexandria ZIP code, most usually 22310 or 22315.

properties For Sale In Franconia

Affordable ($1 to $300,000) 15 Active
Entry-Level ($300,001 to $750,000) 89 Active
Premium ($750,001 to $1,100,000) 20 Active
Luxury ($1,100,001 to $1,500,000) 2 Active

properties For Sale In Franconia

Early 20th Century1 Active
Mid 20th Century55 Active
Late 20th Century29 Active
Millennial11 Active
21st Century7 Active
Newer2 Active
Recently built19 Active

properties For Sale In Franconia

Smaller1 Active
Small15 Active
Modest33 Active
Mid-Sized29 Active
Large23 Active
Big2 Active
Very Large19 Active
Sprawling4 Active

properties For Sale In Franconia

1 BR3 Active
2 BR20 Active
3 BR49 Active
4 BR35 Active
5 BR12 Active
6 BR6 Active
7 BR1 Active

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