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City: Alexandria
County: Fairfax

About Alexandria In Fairfax County VA

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Lower Alexandria is also called "South Alexandria" or just Alexandria.  Lower Alexandria is so named because this area is downriver from Old Town Alexandria. Lower Alexandria includes the Fairfax County Districts of Mount Vernon and Lee. What types of homes are in this part of Fairfax County?

properties For Sale In Mount Vernon District By Type

Detached285 Active
Townhouses 106 Active including :
End Unit Townhouse 27 Active
Townhouse 76 Active
Duplex 3 Active
Condos 29 Active including :
Unit 29 Active
Other 5 Active including :
Other 5 Active

properties For Sale in Alexandria By Size

Tiny1 Active
Smaller1 Active
Small32 Active
Modest55 Active
Mid-Sized57 Active
Large34 Active
Big30 Active
Very Large35 Active
Sprawling24 Active

properties For Sale in Alexandria By Subdivision

Amberleigh1 Active
Arcturus On the Potomac1 Active
Beddoo Heights1 Active
Belle Haven7 Active
Belle View1 Active
Belle View Condominiums1 Active
Braddock Acres3 Active
Brookland Estates2 Active
Bucknell Heights1 Active
Burgundy Farm2 Active
Burgundy Manor1 Active
Burgundy Village2 Active
Burgundy Woods1 Active
Clermont1 Active
Clusters At Woodlawn1 Active
Collingwood Estates2 Active
Collingwood Springs2 Active
Condo At Island Creek1 Active
Court At Mt Vernon1 Active
Crest of Alexandria8 Active
Dail Park1 Active
Dawson Woods1 Active
Deer Run Crossing1 Active
Dewey Park1 Active
Fairfax County2 Active
Fairfax Homes1 Active
Fairfield1 Active
Fairland1 Active
Fairview1 Active
Farrington Place1 Active
Ferry Landing1 Active
Fort Hunt Estates2 Active
Fort Lyon Heights1 Active
Franconia1 Active
Franconia Commons1 Active
Franconia Hills1 Active
Gabriel Plaza1 Active
Governors Hill1 Active
Grist Mill Woods2 Active
Grove At Huntley Meadows1 Active
Groveton Heights2 Active
Groveton Woods1 Active
Gunnell1 Active
Gunnell Estates2 Active
Hawthorne1 Active
Hayfield Farm1 Active
Hollin Brook Park2 Active
Hollin Hall Village2 Active
Hollin Hills3 Active
Hollindale2 Active
Huntington Walk1 Active
Hybla Valley Farms1 Active
Indian Spring1 Active
Isabella At Monticello Mews2 Active
Island Creek1 Active
Jackson Hall1 Active
Jefferson Manor1 Active
Kerrybrooke1 Active
Keuhling1 Active
Keys and Russell2 Active
Kings Landing1 Active
Kingstown1 Active
Kingstowne9 Active
Lake Devereux1 Active
Landsdowne1 Active
Lincolnia1 Active
Manors At Mount Vernon2 Active
Marlan Forest2 Active
Marlan Heights1 Active
Mason Hill1 Active
Memorial Heights1 Active
Milway Meadows1 Active
Montebello5 Active
Montebello Condo3 Active
Mount Vernon Grove2 Active
Mount Vernon Hills1 Active
Mount Vernon Manor1 Active
Mount Vernon Townes1 Active
Mount Zephyr1 Active
Mount Zephyr Commons1 Active
Mt Vernon Manor1 Active
Mt Vernon Park1 Active
Mt Vernon Terrace1 Active
Mt Vernon Valley2 Active
Mt Zephyr1 Active
New Alexandria1 Active
None Available15 Active
Northampton1 Active
Northampton At Kingstowne1 Active
Norton Square1 Active
Oakbrook Knolls2 Active
Overlook1 Active
Overlook Condos1 Active
Oxford4 Active
Pembrook Village1 Active
Pilgrim Park1 Active
Pinecrest1 Active
Pinecrest the2 Active
Potomac Valley1 Active
Potters Glen1 Active
Residences At Sullivan3 Active
Ridgeview1 Active
River Towers1 Active
Riverside1 Active
Riverwood2 Active
Rose Hill1 Active
Rose Hill Farm1 Active
Runnymeade1 Active
Russell G C1 Active
Sequoyah12 Active
Silver Springs1 Active
South Meadows3 Active
Southern Villa2 Active
Southwood1 Active
Stokes Jeramiah1 Active
Stoneybrooke3 Active
Stratford On the Potomac4 Active
Sulgrave Manor1 Active
Sulgrave Village2 Active
Sunny Ridge Estates3 Active
Sunny View2 Active
Sunset Manor1 Active
Talbott1 Active
Tauxemont4 Active
The Crest of Alexandria1 Active
The Pinecrest1 Active
The Towns At South Alex4 Active
The Villages1 Active
The Villages Con2 Active
Thornrose1 Active
Tiers of Manchester Lake1 Active
Valley Park Condo2 Active
Van Dorn Station1 Active
Village the1 Active
Villages At Huntington1 Active
Villages of Mount Vernon1 Active
Villamay2 Active
Virginia Hills2 Active
Waynewood5 Active
Wellington1 Active
Wellington Commons1 Active
Wellington Heights1 Active
Wessynton1 Active
Westgate1 Active
Weyanoke3 Active
White Oaks1 Active
Wilton Woods2 Active
Windsor Estates1 Active
Windsor Park2 Active
Windy Hill At Lincolnia2 Active
Woodland Park1 Active
Woodlawn Mews1 Active
Woodlawn Terrace2 Active
Woodstone1 Active
Yacht Haven Estates2 Active

properties For Sale In Mount Vernon District By Price

Affordable ($1 to $300,000) 27 Active
Entry-Level ($300,001 to $750,000) 138 Active
Premium ($750,001 to $1,100,000) 54 Active
Luxury ($1,100,001 to $1,500,000) 12 Active
Super Luxury ($1,500,001 And Up) 10 Active

Real Estate In Alexandria

Single-Family Residences For Sale in Fairfax County at Alexandria VA

$1,150,000 at Hollin Hills


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