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From time to time we update our site it takes time for the search engines to pick up on these changes.  This page is designed to help you find what you seek and to explain to you a little about our site.

The “About Us” tab contains information about our company including our history, notes about the staff , contact information and driving directions. The “Guide” contains stories and descriptions about the towns, communities, subdivisions, city and counties of Northern Virginia. Under “Real Estate for …” you can find specific information for renters, landlords, buyers and sellers. Or, under “For Sale” you can jump right into listings of property for sale in Northern VA.

About this Site

Condo Alexandria / Nesbitt Realty provides the information on this site at no charge or obligation.  Please use the links at the top of this page to learn more about Northern Virginia neighborhoods and homes.  Every home and condo for sale in Northern Virginia is found somewhere here in this guide, but we’ve taken the time to group homes in logical places and communities to help you find what you’re looking for in the “Guide” above. If you need help using this Guide, or if you have questions, our real estate professionals are standing by at 703 765 0300 to help you.

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Try our Map-Based Real Estate Searches in Northern Virginia

If you like maps, you’ll love our map-based search tools. Our map-based search is one of the fastest and best in the business. Couple with our insider notes and comments, it’s a power combination that can find the home you want in the area you want. Our powerful web application permits you to easily and quickly sort the good from the ugly and set criteria so you never even see the bad. Once you’ve found what you want save your favorites and call us for advice, tips or showings. Finding the right home right now has never been easier. If you need search tips, call us at any time.

Looking for a home near the Metro?

Do you want a home near the metro? We specialize in finding homes with easy access to the Orange, Yellow and Blue Lines in Virginia. Our specialized searches feature homes that are very close to metro stations. Our site also allows users to search by Walk Score. Walk Score rates a property’s “walkability” but does not include public transportation in that equation. [More about Walk Score]

New Homes and Condos

Are you looking for a new condo or a newly built home? Condo Alexandria doesn’t work for the builder. We work for you and we’ll help you find the best condo for you. Best of all there is no charge to the buyer for our services! We represent the buyer’s interests and don’t work for the builder. Start your search here to see our suggestions.

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