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Equal Housing OpportunityNesbitt Realty agents are available by phone consultation most days and will gladly provide information found on this website and advice over the phone free of charge. At no additional charge, Nesbitt Realty can process and forward your application to the landlord at any time. Call us at 703 765 0300 if you have questions or need advice.

Nesbitt Realty invites you to employ our expertise if you have an immediate and specific rental need. If you choose Nesbitt Realty to represent your interests, your agent will work with you and not for any particular landlord or condo association and best of all there is no charge to you the tenant for any of our services.

The landlord has an agent. Do you?

The landlord is represented by a "listing agent" who works to sell the lease and represent the landlord. Listing agents are motivated to represent a specific property rather than any particular renter.

In our capacity as rental agents, Nesbitt Realty works for the renter. Our services are most useful to renters who need or want an expert opinion to find the best rental for a specific and immediate need.

Our agents already know the area. We don't need to drive across town to know what's there. If you have a question about a specific community, there is a good chance we've already been there. As your agent, Nesbitt Realty will search through thousands of listings and then take you to rentals that best suit your budget, commute, preferences and needs.


Some renters don't need an agent.

If you're the type of renter who doesn't mind the risk of putting yourself at the mercy of the apartment buildings and listing agents; or if you're already a real estate pro, then you might not need a rental agent. 

Nesbitt Realty
Nesbitt Realty
You don't need a rental agent if:

  1. you don't need an expert to represent your side of the transaction;
  2. you're not moving within 45 days;
  3. you don't need any expert advice about what's available in Northern Virginia.

Renters who do not need or want any representation can by-pass Nesbitt Realty and contact the listing agent to view properties listed on our website. The listing agent is found on our website at the bottom of each listing.


Who needs a rental agent?

You need a rental agent only if: 

Realtor Julie Nesbitt

  1. you want an advocate for your rights and your application;
  2. you're moving within the next 45 days;
  3. you want an expert opinion in your home search.

Our clients tell us what type of rental they want, and we find that rental (if it exists). Our clients tell us what they need and we find what they want.


What's the cost?

There is no cost to you for using a Nesbitt Realty agent to find your next rental.

However because we make a commitment to finding your best rental home, and we ask that you make a commitment to us as well. As a sign of that commitment, our rental clients pay a retainer which is applied toward the first month's rent when the client signs a lease to rent any property that is in the Multiple Listing Service or our website. In other words, this service only costs you money in the event that you use our services but do not rent a home in the MLS using our agency. *

Nesbitt Realty can help you find the best fit for your budget, your commute, your wants and your needs. If we can't add value to your transaction, we'll refuse your money and give you what advice we can for free.

Tenant Representation Agreement 

Stuart Nesbitt
Stuart Nesbitt

* This retainer will not be refunded in the event the client chooses to rent a property not listed in the MLS, if the client chooses not to rent at all or if the client chooses to work with another agent to complete the transaction.


Do you need a rental agent?

Speak to an agent about your needs at (703)765-0300

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The landlord has an agent. Do you? 

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