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Financial Rewards

Nesbitt Realty has a number of commission plans that are modeled after National Chain real estate companies. But our secret to success isn't found in a commission plan. Instead, our system is built around driving the agent's income in through the following stations:

  1. Start-up - Income starts small, but unlike many brokerages, there is a guaranteed income.
  2. Survival - Within 2 months we like to put our agent in a position where the agent can cover expenses and have a little left-over.
  3. Sustainable - Within a year, we want to put the agent in a position where they'll earn as much or more than an administrative staffer.
  4. Success - Within two years, our goal is for the agent to make as much as junior executive.
  5. Victory - Within five years, our goal is for the agent to earn nearly as much as a director of a mid-sized corporation.

Each agent controls his or her own destiny. It's up to the agent to take the journey, but we can show you how to get there.


We mentor agents.

Our principal broker invests directly into your success.  When you succeed we succeed.

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A family-run business

We're a closely knit group of friends & family. We help each other rather than compete with each other.

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We use the same Internet, same MLS and the same software as the biggest names in real estate.

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