In the Commonwealth of Virginia real estate agents are individuals who are licensed to sell real estate.

  • All real estate agents must work under a real estate broker who manages and oversees the agent’s work.
  • A broker has a greater educational requirement and experience requirement than an agent.

Will Nesbitt is the principal broker of Nesbitt Realty.

Will Nesbitt:

  • Was born in Fairfax VA;
    Will Nesbitt
    Will Nesbitt is proud to be the principal broker of Nesbitt Realty.
  • Grew up in the Shenandoah Valley;
  • Was a Russian Linguist/ Signal Intelligence Analyst in the US Army;
  • Was an on-air personality at WAPP;
  • Nationally published writer and author of Battlestorm game system;
  • Was a lead-developer of a dotcom that was sold to a publicly traded company;
  • Licensed broker in Virginia and Maryland.

About Agents

There are generally two types of agents:

  • Seller’s Agent — Listing agents provide representation for the home sellers (and landlords).
  • Buyer’s Agent — A “selling agent” represents the buyer’s (or renter's) interests.

About Listing Agents

  • All licensed agents use the same Multiple Listing Service to market for properties for sale.
  • The listing agent puts best interests of client above interests of all parties—including the agent’s own interests.
  • Client relies on a listing agent to represent him or her and puts confidence and faith in the agent.
  • There is no charge to the buyer for our agent’s services.

Nesbitt Realty's Listing Agent are different because they have immediate access to the principal broker. Nesbitt Realty's agent not only market your home through the MLS but also through print-media and online venues.

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