7 Great Home Improvements To Make Right After Moving In Your New Home In Arlington

Ready to move into your new home in Arlington? Awesome!

But before you unpack your boxes, there are some important improvements that you’ll need to tackle. Yeah, we get that home improvement is probably the last thing on your mind right now, but, trust us on this. Some of these tasks are easier to do before setting up your furnishings, whereas other things are essential for your safety.

Condos in Fairlington Villages
Do your home improvements before unpacking.

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What Is Real Estate Due Diligence And How Is It Important?

After your offer for a home in Arlington has been accepted, there’s a process that lasts for a few weeks before you finally close the transaction. This is the time when buyers are often advised to “do their due diligence” on the home they soon hoped to own.

But, what does “due diligence” mean anyway? In legal terms, this simply means “do your homework” before buying a property.

Lee Heights
Renovated Cape Cod in Lee Heights, Arlington VA

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Tips for picking the right neighborhood

homes in Bucknell range from renovated to rebuilt
Old growth neighborhood

When considering a potential new residence it’s important to think about the neighborhood and surrounding amenities that are close by. Make a list of all of the amenities or services that are nearby or close to the neighborhood and track how long it takes as well as what routes you might use to get to each. You can also check the Walk Score of a neighborhood for a short-hand look at convenience.

Next, decide what the best characteristics of the neighborhoods are and determine what you like about them. Making a list of each neighborhood you are considering can be particularly helpful later when comparing different localities. Some things to ask yourself include:

  • Do the people in the surrounding neighborhood seem friendly?
  • Are the neighboring residences clean or well-kept? (e.g. yards and streets nearby)
  • Are there parks or other recreational facilities close by or within minimal driving distance?
  • Is the area scenic and/or visually appealing?
  • Are there trees and similar foliage lining the streets and in neighboring yards?
  • Are the streets well lit and do the sidewalks provide easy access?
  • Do you feel safe in the neighborhood and would you feel safe walking after dark?
  • Are there other houses for sale nearby?
  • What is the history about the community and how it developed?

    Husband and wife walk in Del Ray
    Husband and wife walk in Del Ray
  • Do you see families and children in the surrounding residences?
  • What is the proximity to schools and your place of work?
  • Does the community and neighborhood seem active and/or engaged?
  • What is the median age-range of those who live in the neighborhood?

Finally, really spend some time walking around and observing the neighborhood you’re considering. When trying to determine the safety, cleanliness and personality of a specific neighborhood, simply spending some honest time getting to know the area and meeting or talking to some of its residents is your best bet!

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Global Luxury Market Is Booming

The international luxury real estate market appears to be relatively immune to economic headwinds, according to a report by Christie International Real Estate, a luxury real estate affiliate network. Christie’s International Real Estate Index monitors record sales prices, prices per square foot, among other indicators in the global luxury real estate market.

London emerged at the top of the network’s index, boasting a record sales price of more than $121 million for a residential property in 2012. In New York, an $88 million sale allowed it to come in at No. 2.

The international luxury market is showing strong momentum, “driven by scarcity of quality inventory and demand from international buyers in many of the world’s top destinations,” says Bonnie Stone Sellers, CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate.

There are more billionaires worldwide now than there were in 2008. What’s more, the percentage of worldwide millionaires has grown by 55 percent since 2000, according to the report.

As wealth has grown so has the number of home buyers making housing deals in all cash. For example, the report notes that nearly all of the transactions in Los Angeles above $5 million were cash deals; 90 percent in New York; and 70 percent in San Francisco and Miami.

Source: “Global luxury real estate market showing ‘strong momentum’,” Inman News (March 11, 2013)

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Northern Virginia = Great Healthcare

When it comes to selecting a home, there are a number of things that families and individuals consider.  Most will say that location, good schools, shopping centers, parks, and safety are all important factors when buying a home.  Subsequently, many people also consider access to good healthcare.  The Northern Virginia area is a great place that encompasses all of these options.

Fairfax County is home to one of the best school systems in the country.  There is plenty of access to great shopping and it is in a great location with Washington D.C. being less than thirty minutes away, minus the traffic of course.  Another bonus is that it houses some of the best medical care available.  Inova Fairfax Hospital is ranked among the best hospitals in the country and is a default trauma center for most surrounding medical centers.  They have the ability to handle the most complicated cases and have the updated facilities to treat their patients with cutting edge technology and the best medical treatment.

After experiencing my own personal crisis and being hospitalized for over a month, I was transported by ambulance to Fairfax.  Although I not previously considered this fact when moving to the area, I was most certainly thankful that I had the option of receiving the caliber of treatment I received during my stay.  Great Healthcare most certainly would be at the top of my list if I ever planned on moving to another area, but I don’t.

Shopping Tips for Buying a Home Warranty

Home warranties can be attractive to home owners or buyers who are looking at purchasing a property. These service contracts can cover all of a home’s major systems, such as the furnace or air conditioner, and will cover needed repairs if the appliance breaks or damaged.

Some sellers are offering a home warranty to try to lure buyers.

But not all home warranties are the same. Experts say you should carefully weigh costs, policy allowances, and customer feedback before making a decision so that you ensure you’re getting the best deal. Home warranties cost about $250 to $500 a year.

Here are some more tips from experts in shopping for a home warranty:

    • Find customer reviews. Web sites, such as homewarrantyreviews.com, provide reviews of home warranty companies. You also might check how each company is rated with your local Better Business Bureau.
home in Belle Haven Estates
typical home in Belle Haven Estates
  • Check for extra fees. Will you have to pay a fee for service calls?
  • Check the coverage allowance. Are there any exclusions to coverage? Will the allowance cover the entire cost of a broken appliance or just some of it? For example, if you have older appliances and mechanicals, will the policy cover the full cost of replacing it or just the depreciated value? If the policy only covers the depreciated value when a 20-year-old furnace dies, for example, the reimbursement may not be enough to buy a new one. Also, verify what appliances are all included in the coverage. Some companies will allow you to add coverage for swimming pools, while others won’t.

“The biggest thing is awareness of what the exclusions are,” Greg McBride, a senior financial analyst at Bankrate.com, told the Chicago Tribune. “The mere presence of a warranty, by nature, tends to have exclusions. Being aware of that can aid in the decision-making process.”

Source: “When Home Warranties Are Worth It,” Chicago Tribune (Feb. 8, 2011)