McLean High Living

Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city and all it has to offer are several high end neighborhoods that would make many heads spin once or twice.  If you drive around McLean for a while it is obvious that you are in the midst of luxury and luxury at its best.  I can imagine that there are people who move here for a number of reasons but one thing Northern Virginia is known for is housing those that have quite a bit of money to spend.  Of course with the government being responsible for a majority of the jobs here and having several professional sports teams in the area, there are sure to be some big spenders. 

If you are in the market for a luxury home, make sure McLean is on your list of places to check out.  Going down route 7 there is a parade of mansions that ling the long road and it is quite the site to see.  I saw one property that looked like it had several houses attached to it, until I realized it was all one house.  For those of you who may not be in the market, its still a beautiful site to see.  It is simply amazing to view some fo the architecture and design work that has been put into building these homes.

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Commuter’s Dream

train arriving
Platform of the Vienna Metro Station

There can be a lot of things said about living in the Northern Virginia area, but one big thing would be the great access to jobs in the tri-city area.  Deciding on which area to live can be based on the ability to get to and from your workplace.  There is no denying that in an area like this that traffic can be a pain but it is great to know that there are options available if a car is not the most economical route for transportation.

Fairfax County, in particular, has developed a number of ways to meet the rising demand for public transportation and its great to know many city’s have bus systems already in place.  There are plenty of park and ride lots in the area that allow for commuters to drive to a particular location, park their car, and finish the rest of route to work on the metro.  This helps the commuter avoid long waits in traffic and lower the cost of paying for gas in your car.

The metro is slated to extend out to Loudoun County and has already reached areas in Fairfax and Reston.  There are several housing options next to these locations and they all have condos, townhomes, or single family’s available for purchase.  If you are a commuter looking for a great place to live that help your commuting costs, then you should check out Fairfax County.  It’s a commuter’s dream.

Experience Wolf Trap

Wolf Trap is a fine arts mecca that is known for hosting some of the best entertainment in the Northern Virginia region.  Its calendar is filled with a host of acts from dancing to some of the world’s most famous musicians.   There schedule is complete with options for the kids, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa.  This area is one of the best places to visit if you are from out of town and it is in a great location. Wolf Trap logo

One of the neatest details about this place is that it is an amphitheater.  You and your family can enjoy in-house seats or take a picnic and enjoy the show from the lawn.  This is especially fun in those warm summer days.  I had a chance to go to a Gladys Knight concert at Wolf Trap and it was one of the best experience’s I have ever had in my life.  The crowd was pumped and I honestly thought that the crickets were right in tune with her that night.  The crowd was electric and it was so nice to have the breeze of the night air in the midst of pumped up concert.

There amazing acts coming up this spring and summer.  There are some shows you definitely will not want to miss.  The latest act to come to Wolf Trap is Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody.  There are also great children’s programs.  This is a great treasure in Northern Virginia and if you get a chance to visit, you’ll see why.

Reston Opportunity for Options

Reston has been an up and coming city in Fairfax county over the last few years.  The growth it has experienced has given buyers plenty of room to decided what kind of home best meets their need.  Whether you want a neighborhood or city experience.  Reston has definitely got whatever you need.  It has tried to meet he needs of their community by adding several shopping centers and has quickly become one of the premier places to shop, dine, and socialize amongst Northern Virginians.

Reston Town Center is located in the hear of city and quite frankly you can drive for several blocks and find something to interest you or your family.  Right around the block from Reston Town Center is another shopping center that offers access to stores like Best Buy, Lane Bryant, Barne’s & Nobles, and Men’s Warehouse.  There are grocery stores integrated in these shopping centers as well like Harris Teeter.  What’s nice is that all of this action is surrounded by quiet neighborhoods of condos, townhomes, or single family homes.

Commuters will also be pleased by the ability to get to the metro quickly when trying to beat the morning rush.  Reston straddles the Dulles Toll Road so you never have to worry about getting in and out of the city.  In all honesty, I could go on and on about all that Reston has to offer.  It is one of those places you have to see and experience to understand.  Reston has a lot opportunity for a lot of buyers, it just depends on what your’re looking for.

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Escape to Harbor Terrace

Harbor Terrace
Harbor Terrace covered in snow.

Harbor Terrace condos is located in Old Town Alexandria and provides the perfect escape for city living after a long day’s work.  It’s easy to access and it offers plenty of access for commuters who need reliable ways for transportation.  On the other hand, there are many companies that are based in Old Town so your commute may be as simple as a brisk walk. 

 Harbor Terrace is a nice condominium complex that has a lot to offer its residents who are looking for the perfect place to settle down.  These condos feature lofts complete with a washer and dryer.  The summer months can be filled with fun in the sun with outdoor barbecue grills available to residents.  You can also take advantage of the community pavillion. 

The community is in close proximity to Mount Vernon Bike Trail and welcomes residents with pets.  You have access to parking on the street and you can feel safe knowing that the building has a secure entry system.  No matter what your looking for in a condominium, Harbor Terrace has a lot of what need and more.

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Braddock Place Style

Braddock Place is a condominum complex located in Alexandria, VA.  It offers its residents lots of charm, style, and convenience.  It is located near the Braddock Metro station which allows for easy access to and from D.C.   With several

Braddock Place
Braddock Place

different amenities, it can be easy to make this place your own. 

The building is equipped with a gym and each unit has a washer and dryer.  During the summer months you can enjoy the amazing outdoor pool that is available to all residents.  Another great feature to brave the cold nights during the Northern Virgini Winter are fireplaces.  Many of the condos have nice ones pre installed. 

Braddock Place offers affordable units that are a great buy for the prices they offer.  In today’s economy it can be difficult to make your dollar stretch and enjoy all the luxuries you are looking for that this place has to offer.  Braddock Place offers the great mix of style and convenience and is a great option for singles or small families. 

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Charming Old Town Village

In the southwest quadrant of Alexandria, VA lies a beautiful section of real estate known as Old Town Village.  Many people who settle in Alexandria come here for a number of reasons and one of the being it the charming character of each neighborhood.  Consequently, Old Town Village is no exception and it has lots to offer.  When researching this area of the city, I found that residents had the ability to catch the metro, enjoy plentiful dining options, and great shopping.

The neighborhood has a collection of condominiums, townhouses, and single family’s that all meet the needs of an eclectic buyer pool.  If you are a busy professional looking to get into the market but don’t want the hassle of taking care of a large home, then you should consider looking at Canal Place, Port Royal, and Potowmack Crossing.  However, for small and large families looking to settle into Old Town Village there are several communities that may be the right fit.  Currently there are a host of townhomes available like the one on 1220 Roundhouse Ln, Alexandria.

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Carlyle Living

United States Patent and Trademark Office
The USPTO’s glass cuts a striking line in Alexandria’s skyline.

Finding a new place to live in Alexandria might not be as hard as you think.  If you are looking for something new and fresh then the Carlyle district might be a great option.  This area is located next to Old Town Alexandria but doesn’t take away from the flavor and charm of city living.  It includes condos and high rises that are complete with office buildings, restaurants and metro access.

Several local businesses are located off of John Carlyle which in include Grant Thornton & the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  The options for transportation couldn’t better with easy access to bus stops and the metro.  This neighborhood gives access to all the things many commuters and business professionals find important.  The dining options are endless and you don’t have to go far.  Many of them are a few steps away.  I enjoyed walking the streets and often felt as if I was in the middle of rush hour on foot.  The streets were lined with business men and women walking from one destination to the other.

The great thing about living here is that if you ever have company you can have comfort and knowing that there are hotels minutes away and includes a number of local sites to take them to.  If you are interested in finding a new hip, modern, and classy location, you should consider Carlyle.  A few locations to check out would be Carlyle Towers, Carlyle Square, and Royalton Condos.

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Northern Virginia = Great Healthcare

When it comes to selecting a home, there are a number of things that families and individuals consider.  Most will say that location, good schools, shopping centers, parks, and safety are all important factors when buying a home.  Subsequently, many people also consider access to good healthcare.  The Northern Virginia area is a great place that encompasses all of these options.

Fairfax County is home to one of the best school systems in the country.  There is plenty of access to great shopping and it is in a great location with Washington D.C. being less than thirty minutes away, minus the traffic of course.  Another bonus is that it houses some of the best medical care available.  Inova Fairfax Hospital is ranked among the best hospitals in the country and is a default trauma center for most surrounding medical centers.  They have the ability to handle the most complicated cases and have the updated facilities to treat their patients with cutting edge technology and the best medical treatment.

After experiencing my own personal crisis and being hospitalized for over a month, I was transported by ambulance to Fairfax.  Although I not previously considered this fact when moving to the area, I was most certainly thankful that I had the option of receiving the caliber of treatment I received during my stay.  Great Healthcare most certainly would be at the top of my list if I ever planned on moving to another area, but I don’t.

Reston Waterpark

I can think of a number of things my children prefer to do when the weather starts to get warmer.   However, since learning how to swim the first thing they ask is to go swimming.  I wasn’t all that familiar with my options and the fortunate thing is that many of the subdivisions around here come with clubhouses and swimming pools.  Unfortunately, even that can get old to kids.  I took a friend up on a suggestion to try a local waterpark in Reston.   We had several to choose from and decided to give Water Mine a try.

Upon arrival, it was surprising that in a seemingly regular neighborhood a waterpark existed.  We drove down this road that looks like we were going into the woods and up popped this waterpark.  Obviously with all the screaming my kids were doing, they were definitely excited.  We found a place to park and were happy that even though we forgot to pack a lunch they had a concession stand that offered all types of goodies to eat.  The pricing was very reasonable and it was a beautiful day to take advantage of the all-day ticket.  They had several slide options and the park was arranged in to sections suitable for certain ages.

We stayed for a few hours and decided to head home.  I asked my kids if they would like to come back and they were excited at just the thought of returning.  Although we are still hanging on to the last remnants of Winter, it is good to know that you have options when swimsuit weather returns and you don’t have to go far to enjoy it.

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