10 Ways To Find Investment Properties in Arlington

Stuart strikes a pose at the office
Stuart strikes a pose at the office

If you really want the best deals in investment properties, you have to increase your odds by finding more deals. Who is more likely to get a cheap apartment building, an investor that looks through the MLS listings and calls it a day, or the one that uses ten resources? Here are the ten:

1. Talk. Let people know you are looking and sometimes the properties will come to you. There are a lot of owners out there who want to sell, but haven’t yet listed their property.

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10 Ways to Buy a Home With Little or No Money Down in Alexandria

Julie Nesbitt
Julie Nesbitt

There are many ways to buy a home in Alexandria, even if you have little or no money to put down. Here are a few of the basics:

1. Sweat Equity

Sweat Equity is a way to get a home by trading work for equity in the house. This could be used for a down payment or for purchase later. This is a great technique if you are handy with tools, yard-work, and paint.

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The Buying Process in Fairfax County, Virginia

Realtors in Northern VA
Andrew and Stuart

The process for purchasing a home in Fairfax County is the same as anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia but different from the procedures that are used in many states. Unlike the New York, each party is not represented at closing by a attorney. Instead, a settlement company manages the transaction.  The settlement company’s attorney represents the contract, and not any one party at the table. When the buyer and seller agree to a contract, the buyer will deposit money into escrow. The settlement agent will direct the transfer of escrow funds. In Northern Virginia, there are no closing meetings. It is not common for sellers and buyers to meet each other on a regular basis. If you want to buy a home in Northern Virginia, you will want to make sure you have a loan before you begin the process of looking for a home.

All real estate agents in Northern Virginia must be licensed to help people buy or sell real estate. Every agent you deal with should either have a agent or broker license. Brokers are allowed to receive payment for the sale of a property, while salespersons must work under the broker. Multiple brokers are allowed to work together. Sales agents must answer to a principal broker or a managing broker. A principal broker owns a real estate brokerage. A managing broker manages a real estate office. At Nesbitt Realty our managing broker is our principal broker.

You will also want to consult an agent to find out what type of home is best for your income level. The agent will want to know what home you’re interested in. You should always be ready to buy a home when you visit the agent. If you are truly ready, you will be given a better deal, because agents will often have to deal with people who are just “looking,” and are not committed to making a purchase. Once the agent knows what type of home you want, they will begin driving you around to show you the different homes that are available.

The agent will not want to drive you around until after they’ve interviewed you. As the buyer, you will want to make sure the agent is experienced. When you deal with agents in Fairfax County, they should put you in the loan qualification process as soon as possible.  By getting approved for a loan, you will be placed in a powerful position where you can negotiate. Once you have found the home you want, you will want the agent to prepare and offer to purchase. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the offer should always be made in writing.

Recently Listed In Fairfax County VA

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10 Tips for Successful Real Estate Property Investment

after eating Primo's
after eating Primo’s

Just because real estate prices seem to have hit a temporary ceiling in many countries around the world, that doesn’t mean that profits from property investments are hard to come by.

Even during a real estate market slowdown, stagnation or depression profits can be made locally and overseas. This article shows you the top ten tips that real estate investors apply to their property portfolio building strategy to ensure success from their investments.

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5 Major Reasons Why You Should Buy a Home Instead of Rent

Realtor Stuart
Realtor Stuart Nesbitt

There are times when it is better for a person to rent, but most often home ownership has many more benefits and advantages.

About 10 year ago a had a retired aunt and uncle who rented a condo in Las Vegas. Uncle Jim (not his real name) was a retired minister. Throughout his career he and his wife lived in parsonages, which are homes furnished by the congregation while they ministered there.

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5 Tips to Maximize Your Home’s Value When You Sell

daylight outside whole sale. In Alexandria Real Estate purchase? (703) 765 0300 Nesbitt Realty https://nesbittrealty.com/about/contact/
daylight outside whole sale, stock up and get ready for bought sold rented management https://nesbittrealty.com/about/contact/ Nesbitt Realty (703) 765 0300

1) First, do your homework. Find out the local market conditions for your neighborhood. Depending on your area, there may be better/worse times to sell. Once you’ve decided to sell, there are three different levels of service that you may want to consider:

• Sell the home yourself (FSBO)
• List your with a Discount / Flat fee broker
• Utilize a full service real estate agent/brokerage

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5 Things You Should Know Before You Flip A Property

1. Money is made at the buy, not the sell of your flip. When flipping a house your money is made at the purchase not at the sell of the house. So, many times people buy a house with the intensions of making a huge profit only to find out that they could not make any money after all the renovations because the purchased price of the house was to high. When you purchase your property you need to be sure that you buy the house with enough money to make renovations, have carrying cost, and add about 5 $6,000. Now, cost is at $147,000, and that is if everything goes as planned. Profit is under 10,000 dollars. The mistake was made at the purchase at the home, not the sell.

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