Tips On How To Sell Your Home When You Have Kids

Selling your home can be a stressful event but having kids around can create more stressful moments for parents who are seeking to sell their home. Before putting your house on the market follow these helpful tips:
  • Prep your home for sale by donating, giving away and selling toys and clothes that your kids have outgrown
  • Keep toys and books for kids in a dedicated area such as a playroom or the basement or ask your neighbour to store during house showing.
  • Paint the kids' room in a neutral color so as to avoid the display of art or stenciling done by your kids.
  • Replace family photos with generic artwork
  • Invest in giving your house a deep cleaning
When it's time to show your house these helpful tips can help you avoid a disaster with your kids:
  • Invest in storage bins where you can throw clothes, toys and books until the showing is over
  • Plan a weekend getaway during the first weekend of showing as this is when most showings will occur.
  • Make a showing schedule and discuss this schedule with your Realtor. Ask your Realtor to give you at least a two hour notice before any showing.
  • When a showing is scheduled keep the kids out of the house! Always find something outdoors away from the house to occupy your kids.
Selling your home can be stressful especially when kids are involved. Careful preparation and planning can help to alleviate the stress which an result in your home selling quickly.

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