Digging Up A Large 4 Bedroom Detached Home For Roughly $850,000 In Alexandria, Virginia

As a matter of course, you can find a large 4 bedroom home for roughly $850,000 in Northern Virginia. But there are only a limited number of premium places in 22310 in Fairfax County. Maybe one of them is the perfect detached home for you. If it's not 5303 Neville Ct, then it might be one of the properties listed below. Indeed, building equity in your residence in the Alexandria area is a ready-made savings plan. Continue reading

Shopping For A Premium Detached Home In Alexandria

If you are looking for a mid 20th-century premium detached home in Alexandria, 5303 Neville Ct should probably be on your list. But it's not the only premium detached home in Alexandria you'll want to investigate in Fairfax County. Call Will Nesbitt today to discuss your needs and wants list. Consider the prices and pictures of this detached home at 5303 Neville Ct. Continue reading

Detached House Real Estate Inventory Report

Real estate inventory data, what's sold and facts about detached home real estate as of 03/28/2021

Contemplating purchasing a detached home in 22310 in Alexandria? As might be expected, you should decide all you can about Northern Virginia market for single-family residence real estate. Actually, many buyer clients will be impressed by what is happening to the single-family residence real estate market in the area. See below for more info about the current state of the detached home real estate market, including
  • house inventory data,
  • what detached houses have recently sold in Northern Virginia, and
  • facts about detached-homes currently for sale.
Stuart Nesbitt would be happy to help your find your great single-family residence. Continue reading