7018 Quander Rd, Alexandria Real Estate Update

Detached Home at Bucknell Manor

7018 Quander Rd is an amazing home in Alexandria, Virginia, But it's not for every buyer. As a purchaser, you have a lot of decisions to make about what's important to you.

Can you afford $600,000?

Or is your budget closer to $574,000? If you can afford $595,000, should you pay $595,000? Is a view important to you? Do you want a waterview or waterfront home? Do you want a basement? none of the detached homes in this place have a basement. Do you like brick home? Do you prefer brick or siding? What type of siding? Continue reading

801 N Pitt St #221, Alexandria Real Estate Update

What Are Listings Like At Old Town North In 22314 in Alexandria?

If you are searching for penthouses like this penthouse at 801 N Pitt St #221, Nesbitt Realty can help. Notice this home at 801 N Pitt St #221 which is listed today. In addition, even if you are not surprised by what this property has right here in the City of Alexandria, a real estate shopper can benefit from this information. Continue reading

117 S Spring St, Falls Church VA 22046 For Sale

Just Listed: in The City of Falls Church Virginia 22046 ※ $2,395,000

This home at 117 S Spring St is an example of what $2,400,000 will buy you today in 22046. This conspicuous place of residence listed at 117 S Spring St is the right detached home for you for someone. On the other hand, you will most likely be amazed by what this dwelling has in store for shoppers. Continue reading

7503 Murillo St, Springfield VA 22151 Listed For Sale

How Much Is A Modest Place In 22151 in Springfield?

Every buying decision starts with a price and a prequalified spending limit. 7503 Murillo St Springfield VA 22151 is about 57 years old. This detached home has 1,170 sqft of above grade living area. It's advertised for $650,000. If you've set your budget about $650,000 you may want to take a hard look at 7503 Murillo St. Continue reading