what i do at home my property entertainment

  1. bed lay down be slothly. use the smart phone. consider looking out a window. reading material is there if necessary to study.
  2. internet computer roku what to watch and listen to. youtube hulu usb storage specifics memories clouds.
  3. studio what to document miniature logic paint canvas record music make video write study have fun. pseudo keith dylan kanye etc the actual ghetto version vs what was planned.
  4. guitar strum pick neighbor businesses alexandria music been around for a while harlequin phone day dreams the cuddles the guest the toilet.
  5. dorm air conditioning on campus spot wise guides savings fascination and fixation. accounting skateboard condition video game dvd player home theatre.
  6. cafe cups of tea milk option honey option microwave couch entertainment medication collectibles totems statues nick nacks. vinyl cd media.
  7. dog dog bed hug kiss touch pet care for. friendly animal domesticated guard dog protection. different than a girlfriend or spouse. scheming to get a bird.
  8. meal time constraint could cook a whole left over totting feast see soups chili pasta etc. grocery processed premade cost and desires. see thought retired. Toilet.
  9. plot review my profile review past purchases think of what to do see the other blog topics. decide what to use my time on. weighing the choice of an orphan adoption.
  10. backyard fresh air seasons times spent and the dreams lived. secluded private peaceful bench purchased entertainments candle radio cup of coffee.
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