my favorite sur charged meal places in northern va

  1. old chicago the small business classics the regular menu the easily accessible place. eat in or to go pull up and park in the huntington part of the map. friendly and laser precision stylized fab.
  2. bob and edith’s specials a la carte menu pretty arlington reference pseudo media and lights see tom waits or fonzi with the juke box. historical branches approachable and at the same time city distance. see the seinfeld interpertation.
  3. fast food chains chicken american roy’s pop eye’s kentucky fried chicken mcdonald’s ledo’s burger king chik fil a taco bell. cheap healthy quick combo drive thru survey dine in desert. richmond highway temporary gimmicks poster. transient in between and walk in. pizza hut.
  4. pseudo mom and pop’s greek primos mamma’s olympians. shopping center waitress tips indoors windows cozy family oriented owners portions. townie vibes civilized aristocracy good deal and welcoming.
  5. sea food red lobster legal sea foods sea boil union street pub. oysters with option for hot sauce crab legs cheese rolls military clients social work. minority business terms ghettos fish market stupor inducing to the mind.
  6. hunan manor pho fort hunt. broth recipe french chinese delivery traditional classic campaign. asian hot condiments culture. panda express.
  7. o’connell’s myron mixon’s. old town irish barbeque fancy formal yuppy. the showmanship the appearance the ladies passing by the faces in the corner of your eyes. the art league and the music store crooked beat.
  8. buffet hibachi grill green olive. generous full meal fun pseudo campus cafeteria getting there choices bike longboard car scooter etc. heat lamp.
  9. sports chadwicks skateboard road bike hoops beach football volleyball etc. formatting pros college arena leisure coed etc. insider insight. in person presences when i wanted to meet rory or their neighbor big wheel. nick and megan.
  10. johnny macs no bathroom. outside belvoir. hot tasty business do it your self. mount vernon display boards menu choice. delicious food.



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