How We Account For Rents and Expenditures For Our Management Clients

We are very meticulous with financial details.

As rental managers it is our solemn charge to account for every cent of rent and each expense. All of us work hard to make sure that every rental property owner has the tools and paperwork to see exactly where is income is going to and coming from. To accomplish this task we use one of the most powerful programs in the management business: Rent Manager.

We always try to process and deposit rents on the same day they are received. Rents are deposited into an escrow account (not into our operating account). We prepare a monthly statement that states the rent received as well as any expenses that we have paid on the rental property owner's behalf. The monthly statement is also available electronically. The monthly report will show what monies we are holding on behalf of the real estate investor.

There is no additional charge for the reports or the accounting. In addition, Nesbitt Realty never marks up the repairs, nor do we charge a fee per repair. Annually, we compile the monthly reports into a year-end statement.  In January we mail the real estate investors, and to the IRS, a 1099 stating the income for the rental property. Use the 1099 to prepare your taxes or simply give the 1099 to your tax preparer.


rent manager
Nesbitt Realty uses Rent Manager

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If you have tenants, you have problems.

Nesbitt Realty handles those problems.

Your investment in real estate is a business like any other. As a landlord, you have expenses, income and with perseverance, you also have the expectation of financial reward.

In the business of real estate investment, nearly all cashflow comes from tenants. And that's the catch: If you have tenants, you will have problems. Even the best of tenants have needs and all properties will require maintenance or management at some point. A property management company takes all the hassle out of rental management.

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