6606 Netties Ln #1301, Alexandria VA 22315 Listed

$400,000 ⁙ Alexandria VA 22315 - Comparables and Suggestions

How much do you want to pay for your new residence? 6606 Netties Ln #1301 is currently advertised for sale at $399,000. This home has 1,125 sqft of above grade living area. Nesbitt Realty will rebate approximately $1,709 to our client when they use Andrew Patton as their buyer agent. 6606 Netties Ln #1301, Alexandria VA recently came to the real estate market and is advertised for sale for $399,000. Accordingly, you may want to dream about this place (depending upon your pre-approved price limit). Continue reading

Are You Seeking A 2 Bedroom Townhouse For About $400,000?

If you are shopping for an interesting 2 bedroom townhouse for about $400,000, 6606 Netties Ln #1301 should probably be on your list. But it's not the only 2 bedroom townhouse for about $400,000 you'll want to learn more about in 22315 in Fairfax County. Do you have a specific need in 22315 in Alexandria? Will Nesbitt can help. We'd love to help you find your next home. Contact us if any of these colonial homes like 6606 Netties Ln #1301 interest you. Continue reading

Alexandria Area Real Estate Report

How is the real estate market 06/07/2021 in Alexandria area?

Are you shopping for a home in Alexandria area? Certainly, you should study Alexandria area real estate. If so, you will in all likelihood be amazed by what is happening in Alexandria area real estate. See below for more data about the current state of the Alexandria area real estate market, including
  • real estate inventory data
  • facts about Alexandria real estate
  • what's currently for sale in the Alexandria area
Our agents are happy to serve your Alexandria area real estate needs. Continue reading

Interesting Listings For Home Hunters Seeking A Large Premium Property

If you are looking at purchasing a late 20th-century large premium property, 5966 Norham Dr should probably be on your list. But it's not the only large premium property you'll want to know in 22315 in Alexandria. Email Julie Nesbitt to learn more from a easy-to-understand ace on 22315 in Fairfax County real estate. Get a load of this enchanting property at 5966 Norham Dr which is selling today. Continue reading

Interesting Listings For Shoppers Searching For A Large Choice Property

If you are considering a purchase of a surprising large choice property, 6002 Crown Royal Cir should probably be on your list. But it's not the only large choice property you'll want to take into account in 22310. Email Will Nesbitt to get an up to the minute look at exactly what $535,000 can buy you in 22310 in Alexandria. Will Nesbitt thinks you should know the prices and pictures of this home at 6002 Crown Royal Cir. Continue reading