Robinson Landing Warehouse Building To Renovate With The Opening Of A New Market and Restaurant.

Alexandria’s Robinson Landing warehouse building located at 10 Duke Street will be renovated to operate a market and a restaurant. The project which will be undertaken by custom builder Murray Bonnitt will feature a a market with coffee, pastries, prepared foods, beer and wine along with  a casual restaurant on the first floor. With the addition of this new restaurant Robinson Landing will now feature two of Alexandria’s top restaurant developers. Continue reading

Top (4) Major Areas To Evaluate During An Open House In Alexandria

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During an open house in Alexandria buyers may not be afforded a lot of time to critically evaluate all the areas in the potential home. There are some major areas in an open home that will need to be evaluated with full scrutiny before a potential buyer can decide on making a purchase. The top (4) major areas that need to be fully evaluated are:

  1. Front Door – this is after all the major doorway to your home. Buyers will need to evaluate the front door to decide if it makes a good impression or if it will need repairing before they move in.
  2. Roof – this is a major area as without a roof there is no home. Buyers need to ensure the roof is not streaking or they is discoloration. They will need to ensure the roof has no cracks or a potential for any leaking.
  3. Chimney – not all homes in Alexandria has a chimney but if the potential home a buyer is seeking has a chimney, the buyer will need to check that the mortar is in place and the cap has not started to disintegrate.
  4. Basement – this should be the first place visited in an open house to determine if the area has any form of musty smell or any forms of mechanical appliances which will need evaluation.

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Will Nesbitt Serves 22306

Photo of 6823 Lamp Post Ln

Will Nesbitt is very proactive and stands ready to serve buyer clients in Alexandria. If you’re just considering options but not yet ready to move, Will Nesbitt is patient and courteous. When you’re ready to move forward Will Nesbitt can help you navigate through the reams of paperwork that will make your dreams become reality. Talk to Will Nesbitt to learn more from an experienced sage on Alexandria real estate.

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