The Discount Brokerage Is Not a New Idea

Despite what some companies may claim, the idea of a discount brokerage is not a new idea. Some folks will claim that discount brokerages were invented with the advent of the Internet. In fact, discount brokerages have been with us from the beginning, long before the Internet was invented.

Some companies claim that they can save you money because they have a website, but think about that for a moment: every company in business today has a website. Almost every agent has a method for you to shop online.

You don't get a discount because of a website. Just like anything else you buy, the consumer gets a "discount" because something is left out of the mix.  The biggest names in discount realty save you money by cutting money from the agents.

Instead of dealing with a highly-skilled, locally-experienced professional, the typical discount brokerage puts your purchase onto a taco card and then turns your transaction into a taco.

[What's a "taco-card"?]

Nesbitt Realty does not cut from our agents.  By choosing Nesbitt Realty you can have a top-notch professional experience and still enjoy a rebate on your purchase.

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