Something Must Be Cut To Offer A Discount

So, How Does Nesbitt Realty Save The Buyer Money?

Well, we don't save you money by putting your transaction on the assembly line. We don't save money by putting listings on the Internet.  (And, by the way, there is no company that saves the consumer money by putting listings on the Internet. )

But we have to find savings somewhere, or else we couldn't offer a discount to our buyers. Instead of using discount real estate professionals who may or may not have a vested interest in your success, we work with highly-motivated and well-paid Realtors who are willing to work retail hours, keep up with continuing education and pay for the latest technology.

We want well-payed people because we want people who know their business and who are willing to work hard to make things happen for you.  We want professionals who know the business from beginning to end. We don't want cogs in a machine.

Cut the Pay from CEO not from the Worker

Instead of cutting money from the people who actually do the work, Nesbitt Realty cuts money from the top of the pyramid.

Franchises of national chain companies have to pay money to use the national chain's name.  An agent and brokerage can't use a national name brand unless CEO's and stockholders get paid.  We don't have to pay any money to any company to do the same job as people who work for a national chain.

We offer you the discount and the satisfaction of dealing with a small business. You get the advantage of working with an experienced local professional but you still get a discount!

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