Latest Real Estate Pics From Potowmack Crossing

Photo of 1734 W Abingdon Dr #202 If you have it flaunt it. At least that's what the homeowners at 1734 W Abingdon Dr #202 say.

$244,900 at Potowmack Crossing

It’s essential to spot a ace like Monika Ortiz who will take the time to listen and understand your hopes.

Why don’t you find real estate using a local, small business that cares about your requirements?


Monika Ortiz

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Monika Ortiz is a certified staging professional, a Realtor and a Property Manager. Monika has significant experience in administration both in real estate and working for a local government contractor. Monika has made her home in Fairfax County for the past 20 years. She and her husband enjoy boating on the Potomac River. Monika was born and raised in the Czech Republic and like many Europeans, she speaks several languages. Around Mount Vernon, Monika is also well known for her cooking and baking skills. Monika enjoys working with military transfers, owning to her family's military connections. As a real estate specialist Monika primarily focuses on Mount Vernon, Springfield, Alexandria and Lorton, but she also works all over Fairfax County and in Arlington. Monika is dedicated to excellence in real estate.