10 Bakers Walk #302, Alexandria VA 22314 For Sale

Contemplating Condos At Robinson Landing? Consider This Place.

Buying a home like 10 Bakers Walk #302 is plausibly the most complex money decision a person from The City of Alexandria will ever make. Indeed, as a market savvy real estate professional, Will Nesbitt knows the information and noncognitive support that property hunters need if digging up and purchasing a $1,545,000 place in 22314 in Alexandria. Indeed, there are always dangers in 22314 in Alexandria real estate.  However, a local Realtor like Will is able to guide you to manage or avoid many of the risks  associated with buying a condo in 22314 in Alexandria. Continue reading

525 N Fayette St #217, Alexandria VA 22314 For Sale

Are You Seeking A 1 Bedroom Property For About $400,000?

Is it crazy to pay $424,900 for an entry-level 21st-century home like 525 N Fayette St #217 in The City of Alexandria? What is more, some buyers don't get their own agent because they don't understand that the listing agent works for the seller. Nevertheless, Stuart Nesbitt represents the property seeker's interests. Of course, there are many dangers to avoid and overcome. Still, a real estate professional comparable to Stuart Nesbitt has the answers and can help reduce your angst from the buying process. Continue reading

Nesbitt Realty Can Sell Your Condo In The City Of Alexandria At The Henry Fast And For The Best Price

What has recently sold at The Henry?

What's your home at The Henry in point of fact worth? Julie Nesbitt can help you find the market value of your home in 22314 for free. Photo of 525 N Fayette St #217 Are you contemplating selling your home at The Henry? If so, it's wise to learn more about what residences have sold at The Henry in 22314. That info can give an owner a starting point for determining your 21st-century home's value. Connect with Julie Nesbitt to get a free and more accurate assessment of your place's value. Julie can also prepare a marketing plan to show you how she plans to get you the best price as quickly as possible.

Did you know that in at The Henry:

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4332 Caprice Ct, Alexandria Real Estate Update

$550,000 :: Alexandria VA 22310 - Comparables and Suggestions

Well ... is 4332 Caprice Ct the great interior unit townhouse for you? Perhaps.  To answer that with confidence, Julie Nesbitt has to know the answer to a number of questions. Do you need 3 full baths and 1 half baths? Are you trying to find a $539,000 3-bedroom home in Alexandria, Virginia? Can you afford $539,000? Is it actually worth $565,950 or $512,050? How would you like Nesbitt Realty to rebate you $2,810 on this purchase? To take a closer look at this modest residence, email Julie Nesbitt. She is an expert on real estate for sale in 22310. Continue reading

Surprising Tips For Buyers Trying To Find A Premium Duplex In The City Of Alexandria

Of course, you can find a premium duplex in the City of Alexandria in Northern VA. But there are only a limited number of premium places in 22301 in the City of Alexandria. Perhaps one of them is the most suitable duplex for you. If it's not 16 Sunset Dr, then it might be one of the properties listed below. Contact Will Nesbitt to get an up to the minute look at exactly what $914,900 can buy you in Alexandria. Continue reading

1126 Priscilla Ln, Alexandria VA 22308 For Sale

5 Bedroom Detached Home in 22308 For $1,125,000

Purchasing a detached home like 1126 Priscilla Ln is often the biggest budgetary expense most Americans will ever make. Besides, as a local real estate professional with experience working in Fairfax County, Julie Nesbitt is a buyer client's champion who gets the sympathetic and explanatory support that buyer clients need if searching for and purchasing a residence. Furthermore, there are always pitfalls in 22308 in Fairfax County real estate.  Above all, a remarkable real estate professional similar to Julie is able to aid you to manage or avoid many of the risks  associated with buying a property in Alexandria, Virginia. Continue reading