Soap For Hope Campaign Raised $15000 In Fairfax County

Eighth-grade students at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke set a high goal of raising $15,000. They decided to use this money to help 15 schoolmates who had a parent who lost a job because of the pandemic, by making and selling handmade soap. On Friday morning, science teacher David Kelly announced, “What’s exciting is that we’ve reached our goal. I’m not going to lie, it seemed a little far-fetched.” The “Soap For Hope” GoFundMe page passed $15,000 this week, with more than 460 donors.

According to, “While the main goal was to help local families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kelly said his students will continue to reap the benefits. “Not only did we use the chemistry skills that we developed at the beginning of the year to make soap, and research the chemical properties of how soap destroys viruses, but they also learned marketing and communicating,” Kelly said. “And they learned how hard work actually pays off.”

As per, “Kelly said the project will end next week, and he’s discussing with the school system the logistics of distributing the money equally among the families who were contacted early in the process. While “it would be so great to go in person to deliver it,” Kelly said the privacy of the families receiving the money must be respected. “All the students’ hard work, the way the community has come together, how the school district has supported us, it has been such an amazing process.”

Properties in Burke

$668,000 at Woodridge
$500,000 at Lake Braddock
$455,000 at Burke Centre
$455,000 at Burke Centre
$715,000 at Cherry Run
$395,000 at Lake Braddock
$524,990 at Burke Village
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