the things i like about where i got my groceries +fun stuff

  1. safeway read the name like insurance a safe way as in choice. enjoy this place has been here for a while remember the coin 25 cent sodas. sur charged goods and seeing neighbor landlords in person. a fun time around the super bowl or other exciting times. good distant deli. wines. seafood and available items see the canned oysters canned crab old bay seasoned shrimp crab legs etc. fritos snacks wealth taste. cash back.
  2. shoppers sort of cute available packages seeing andy capp slim jims custom generic pickled eggs. bakery. older wiser settled and assimilated choices old croc cheese fried chicken vacation reminders. earlier mentioning what’s available at bodega’s or convenience stores.
  3. costco according to one days math this was the cheapest food source. buy in bulk. cool other items think the vocabulary word is treasures. very approachable it’s all there milk rotisserie etc.
  4. target can see other choices in the pseudo department store happy with my graphic tees. the frozen food bagel dog quest pizza other items peanut butter. survey.
  5. walmart cheap tasty hasidic white and black and other other shopping on the errand. miscellanea. sur charged. price quality fun entertaining cheap designer.
  6. commissary military benefits. big store lots of good undisputed purchases. on base at fort belvoir. good flavor.
  7. giant seemingly not as expensive and also family oriented. sort of good video image like some 80s and 90s even 70s or 60s. french bread store brand different bucknell than safeway.
  8. super h mart the ramen! the kimchi! the pseudo third world like korea. good tea. coconut water.
  9. big lots bargain cute smart items. retail. near the mini dealership. american chain. budget.
  10. wegmans calamari oyster in shell bagels. off post individual serving of packaged food. cafeteria.

bonus: where i like to get life supplies

  1. michaels canvas paints brushes supplies sections
  2. alexandria music guitars strings picks instruction poster
  3. post exchange everything technology clothes toys shoes home goods souvenirs
  4. walgreens magazine sun glasses toys candles drinks
  5. petco a bird dog supply pets


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