6 Budget Tips For Staging A House To Sell In Arlington

If you are trying to land a great deal for your property in Arlington, then you can’t afford to overlook home staging. You’ll want to hold a terrific open house- one that leaves the attendees entranced.  And the good thing is, you can do that without having to break the bank.

Here are six tips shared by agents and home staging experts on how you can pull it off:

  1. Strip the Windows- Pull the blinds up to allow maximum light into the house and make sure that your windows are sparkling clean; they look nicer and allow in more light.
  2. Update kitchen fixtures- You don’t have to repaint your kitchen or replace the countertops to improve the look of your kitchen. You can just replace an old light fixture with a nice modern one or swap dated drawer pulls and cabinet knobs with the stylish ones that a more sought-after in your area.
  3. Replace wall art with mirrors- People have varying tastes in art, so hide all your prominent paintings or art photographs when staging a house in Arlington unless you are sure they have broad appeal. Replace the pieces with a large mirror on one or two key walls. Mirrors are great because they maximize light to make rooms appear bigger and brighter
  4. Roll up rugs- A lot of homebuyers in Arlington love hardwood floors. So, don’t hide your woods unless they are a mess or you have classic and pristine rugs.
  5. Set the table- Elaborate table settings can look overly staged but you can use a simple modern setting by going for modern white plates, sleek stainless-steel cutlery, and stemless wine glasses atop neutral-hued placemats to a tablecloth. You can also add some vibrant napkins to add some colors to the room.
  6. Add a metallic accent- You can make your home in Arlington look more luxurious and contemporary by adding one or two metallic accessories such as a silver leather throw pillow, a bronze side table, or a copper tray.

Properties in Arlington County

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