How-To Staging Ideas For A House Like 903 Falls Manors Ct In Great Falls Virginia

Is it time for you to sell your home like 903 Falls Manors Ct in Fairfax County? If a real estate agent loves your home, the agent will want to show it to clients. So, when you stage your home, chances are that real estate agents will send you more buyer clients. What do professionals think you should do to improve your chances of selling quickly for the best price?

Photo of 903 Falls Manors Ct
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8 Tricks To Get A Luxurious Bedroom For Less

Neila Deen, Houzz Contributor

Looking to give your bedroom a luxe look? Before investing in a pricey designer dresser, think strategically — and a bit more critically — because spending a fortune on furniture doesn’t necessarily guarantee a sophisticated look. What actually makes a bedroom look like a million dollars are its thoughtful details. These eight ideas from luxurious bedrooms can help make yours look expensive and feel plusher and inviting.


Source: 8 Tricks To Get A Luxurious Bedroom For Less

Preparing to sell your home?

In Northern Virginia, one of the biggest problems people run into when selling their home is the process of preparing it for sale. Many homes in the National Capitol Region are simply places where we keep the accumulated treasures of the years. Are you a clutter-bug, a pack-rat? (It’s OK, we all are to some extent.) When preparing a home for sale, we need to be mindful of our “stuff.” The best way to begin this process is to take a quick walk through your home.

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