3 Reasons to Choose Noodles & Company

Are you tired of cooking for the family?

If you really need a night out of the kitchen, but still want to take the family, I think I have a possible alternative.  Sometimes, going out for dinner is a big hassle.  Dragging everyone out of the house, hoping for cooperation and for the odd chance that none of the kids are fighting with each other is sometimes tough to get.  When this does happen the price that you pay to eat out, unless its in a drive thru window is not fun to take on.

I went out on Route 1 in Alexandria last night to Noodles & Company.  This name of the restaurant alone is a magnet to me.  I decided to try this out and see if it was an option for not only me, but the family outings as well.  My goal was to see if the price, taste of the food and the atmosphere were conducive to family outings.

The simple answer to all of these is ‘yes’.  I looked up the menu before arriving on the web site, so I was already prepared to make my selection.  When I did order, I found the staff to be very smiley and cheerful.   This is a good sign.  I ordered something that I miss very much – spaghetti and meatballs.  I complimented the tomato taste with a side of tomato bisque soup and added an orange juice.

The price was very reasonable and I was happy to not be eating greasy fast food.  This alone made it a good evening for me.  The atmosphere in the restaurant was very clean and family oriented.  It made me think happy thoughts.  Again, a good thing.

When I did complete my meal, I was pleasantly surprised again to find that every morsel was delicious.  For a casual, inexpensive, family dining experience this was just what I was hoping to find.

Next week I’ll look for another like this and report my findings.   Still looking for that dream home to complete your evenings?  Check out the information and the listings below.

Real Estate and Neighborhoods of Alexandria, VA

Alexandria dates back to the colonial era and many of the neighborhoods of Alexandria reflect that heritage. However, Alexandria is also home to newer and relatively new neighborhoods like the Carlyle District and Kingstowne. To learn more about these or other neighborhoods in Alexandria VA, surf through the tabs here. Alexandria is a highly livable city with enviable amenities, culture and attractions. The Commonwealth of Virginia considers Alexandria an "independent city" which means that Alexandria is not in any county. However, parts of Northern Virginia have an Alexandria postal address, but are actually in Fairfax County. All this can be confusing for newcomers to the area, but we try to simplify this in our guide by organizing things so they make sense for the home buyer. You won't have to be a Virginia jurisdictional authority to find the home you want to buy, but start here for a primer on Alexandria.