The Old Town Alexandria That Draws You In

People come from all over the country to be close to Washington DC for either work related reasons or the chance to soak up some of the life it offers.  The fast paced city life of DC produces an intense feeling that this place is alive and that is for sure the case as well with the neighboring city.  Just over the river exists something of a different caliber to compete with the ambiance and culture that draws so many to this part of the country.
Old Town Alexandria, VA
Old Town Alexandria, VA
The city I speak of is Old Town Alexandria.  The draw visually for this culture-packed emotion-inducing place is the refreshing architecture that hearkens back to an age long since passed.  One drive down the streets of Old Town and you will undoubtedly need to find a spot to park the car and walk around. On any given evening this place is packed with visitors wanting to soak up some of the history and culture that Old Town has to offer.  People will continue doing so far into the future because of the many offerings it has available.  If it's dining you're in the mood for, no problem.  A walk along the water, no problem.  Looking for a lesson in history of ghosts in the area, this is available as well.  Here are some of the options that Old Town has to offer on a nightly basis for you to enjoy:

Properties in Old Town Alexandria

What is Clearfield like in Alexandria?

Single-family house at 5248 Clifton St, Alexandria, VA 22312
Single-family house at Clearfield is in Alexandria 22312
Clearfield is a community of single-family houses in Fairfax County. Clearfield is close to North Springfield. The area is served by Deerlick Park & Edsall Park and not far from Henry G Shirley Memorial Highway and Capital Beltway.

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Reasons to Love Montebello

Montebello Condominium rests on a beautiful wooded parcel of land just off Route 1 in Alexandria.  Not far from the tranquility of the Potomac River and all it has to offer, this community is not short on attractions itself.  From its early roots as being home to native tribes and settlers to its current state here in the fast paced world of Northern Virginia, this community has stood the test of time.  Many reasons exist as to why this is the case and I list some of those here:
  1. Activities including aerobics and book groups
  2. Indoor and outdoor pools
  3. Cafe, bar and hair salon
  4. Pet friendly
  5. 24 hour gate control
  6. Wooded walking trails

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Six Reasons to Love Belle View

The location of a community can make it seem frustrating or relaxing.  This is true about one neighborhood in New Town Alexandria - Belle View.  This neighborhood offers many pleasant attractions that keep the tenants happy about the place they live.  Not only is Belle View close to the Potomac River and the beautiful bicycle and walking path, but it is also within walking distance to many conveniences.  To name a few...
  1. Safeway grocery store
  2. Subway restaurant
  3. SPOKESetc. bicycle shoppe
  4. Dunkin Donuts
  5. CVS pharmacy
  6. US Post Office

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Reasons to Love Belle View Condominium

The charm and character of Belle View Condominium is alive and well.  This development, built in the 1950's is located between Fort Hunt Road and the George Washington Memorial Parkway.  It sits on fifty six acres of land maintained well by the professional staff.  The following is a list of other reasons to like this neighborhood:
  • 980 units
  • Spring and Fall yard sales
  • Annual tree lighting ceremony
  • Pool parties for the whole family
  • Playgrounds for the kidsAlexandria-Belle View Shopping Center
  • Old world charm
  • Walking distance to shopping
  • Ample free parking in lots and on the street

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Discover Alexandria’s Intriguing Past

Have you ever wondered what it was like here in Alexandria long ago?  Have you ever been curious about it's past?  Have you ever been fascinated with what might have been? If these questions stirred up any sense of interest in you, keep reading.  The fact is that Alexandria's past is steeped in interesting history, dating back more than thirteen thousand years.  This part of the country has gone through unbelievable change and has seen it's share of tragedy as well. The city was an important sea port in the colonial time period. We are still learning, to this day about happenings in Alexandria's past.  Right here where we conduct our daily interactions in life, things are being discovered about this wonderful city. The website reports, "Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of the hull of a fifty-foot vessel on the Indigo Hotel construction site at 220 S. Union Street. Scuttled sometime in the late eighteenth century, the ship served as the framework for part of the landfill process that extended the waterfront out to the deep channel of the Potomac River." Along with these discoveries, many interesting sites exist in this area of this country and they are just waiting to be visited. Looking to uncover your next place to call home?  Check out the listings below.
Alexandria also has many condos for sale. We've taken the time to sort these by price as well. Check Alexandria condos for sale to find condos sorted by price.

Properties in Old Town Alexandria

Where is Ascot Woods and home much to homes cost there?

Ascot Woods is located in Woodbridge, VA. Its west of I-95 and is right off of Cardinal Drive. It's located near the Northern Virginia Community College, Potomac Hospital and Potomac Mills Mall. The Community consists of 84 single family homes. The nearest schools for the children would be, Henderson Elementary School, Rippon Middle School, and Potomac Senior High School. In my opinion the houses are all very taken care of. They're quite large houses, and the neighborhood seems very pleasant and quiet. There is also a nice sized playground right in the middle of the community for all the children.

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4 Poor Decor Choices for New Home Owners


4 Poor Decor Choices New Home Owners Make

When your client finally closes on their home, they're going to be excited to start making the place their own. But going overboard with decorating concepts or placing furniture in the wrong configurations can make a home look cramped and uninviting. Help guide your client's eye for interior design by steering them away from these furnishing mistakes recently highlighted by®:
Making a Home Picture-Perfect Secrets of the Staging Pros Staging Outdoor Spaces 6 Ways to Spruce Up a Home With Staging
  1. Oversized furnishings. "Measuring a space is imperative before you purchase anything," Will Saks, a designer with Homepolish, told®. "You need to understand the dimensions of a space so the scale will feel balanced. … While a large, overstuffed Chesterfield might look great in the store, in a tiny apartment it might end up looking like a fat guy in a little coat."
  2. Cramming too much in one room. Empty spaces and walls in a room can be a good thing. How much furniture should you put in? It depends on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. "If you're going for a more sleek look, stick to a few key pieces in a room to create the feeling of openness," Saks says. "The same goes for artwork — one large frame can create an art gallery feeling."
  3. Decorating a room around a legacy piece. Your client's armoire or overstuffed chair may hold sentimental value to them, but decorating an entire room around it may be a mistake. Home owners who feel attached to a piece of furniture may feel compelled to do a certain layout or color scheme that could be completely wrong for the space,® notes. Suggest that your client place the furniture nonfocal part of the house — if it's a chair, put it in a corner of the bedroom, for example — or have them place it in storage until they can figure out how it fits into their overall design concept.
Still looking for the perfect location to put all your great stuff?  Follow the guide below and look at the listings.

Another Reason to Love Alexandria, Virginia

Last week all anyone could talk about was the winter storm of the millennium.  In Northern Virginia the estimates of projected snowfall were almost cartoonish.  The storm coming into the area was to have an impact on several states and this usually means shutting down function of the streets or highways. On Friday the 22nd of January things in the office were quiet and people ended up leaving early to get home before the beginning of the ultimate snow storm.  It was to begin about noon time and came almost exactly and hour later.  The snowfall began then and continued until midnight on Saturday. The interesting thing about this snow is that it was combined with an intense wind that didn't subside until the end of the snowfall.  Only for about an hour was the snow thick and fluffy.  For the most part it was just light and airy.  It was consistent, though.  It didn't stop falling for that whole time of a day and a half.  It seemed interesting that it piled up as it did, being so light and seemingly tame.  The worst thing about the storm during that period was the intense wind (23-43mph) that howled and whistled endlessly.
Snow in Alexandria
Snow in Alexandria
When it all stopped, totals of snowfall in Virginia were reported to be between 13-33inches.  Some variations will be seen in other areas, but it was difficult to measure with the drifts everywhere. The point of all of this is that truly I expected things to be much worse.  On Sunday morning all of the roads were plowed here in Alexandria and driving was no problem.  On Monday morning more salt was put down and some streets are now completely cleared down to the asphalt. Hats off to the workers who put in their time to make things safe for us.  This city of Alexandria truly knows how to handle this weather. If you're looking to come here and find out for yourself, follow my guide below and check out the listings as well.

Real Estate and Neighborhoods of Alexandria, VA

Alexandria dates back to the colonial era and many of the neighborhoods of Alexandria reflect that heritage. However, Alexandria is also home to newer and relatively new neighborhoods like the Carlyle District and Kingstowne. To learn more about these or other neighborhoods in Alexandria VA, surf through the tabs here. Alexandria is a highly livable city with enviable amenities, culture and attractions. The Commonwealth of Virginia considers Alexandria an "independent city" which means that Alexandria is not in any county. However, parts of Northern Virginia have an Alexandria postal address, but are actually in Fairfax County. All this can be confusing for newcomers to the area, but we try to simplify this in our guide by organizing things so they make sense for the home buyer. You won't have to be a Virginia jurisdictional authority to find the home you want to buy, but start here for a primer on Alexandria.

One of the Top Fears Holding Renters Back

The possibility of losing their down payment is one of the biggest fears of potential home owners. Read More: Down Payment Insurance More than three in five renters — 63 percent — said they would be more likely to purchase a home sooner if they had the option to buy down payment protection, the survey showed. More than three in 10 home owners and more than half of millennial home owners said they also would be more likely to buy a new home if they had an option to buy down payment protection. “While consumer morale continues to rise, there is still a crisis of confidence in the housing market for both home owners and home buyers due to the financial events of 2007 through 2008,” says Cleve Bellar, chief marketing officer of ValueInsured. “It is encouraging that Americans want to own a home, but in order to take that step, they want assurance that their nest egg is protected.” The survey showed that 70 percent of renters say it’s important to one day own a home or to become a home owner again. Millennials were found to be the most upbeat about home ownership, with nine out of 10 renters between the ages of 18 to 34 saying it is important to one day own a home or become a home owner again. Source: ValueInsured Inc. Looking to find your next rental unit?  Follow the guide below and look at the listings as well.