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Homes and Condos in South Arlington County


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Shirlington is the highlight of South Arlington. South Arlington is home to some of the most affordable and eclectic neighborhoods in Arlington VA.

properties For Sale In South Arlington

Affordable ($1 to $300,000) 21 Active
Entry-Level ($300,001 to $750,000) 56 Active
Premium ($750,001 to $1,100,000) 32 Active
Luxury ($1,100,001 to $1,500,000) 10 Active
Super Luxury ($1,500,001 And Up) 14 Active

properties For Sale In South Arlington

Early 20th Century4 Active
Mid 20th Century94 Active
Late 20th Century6 Active
Millennial3 Active
21st Century8 Active
Newer5 Active
Recently built11 Active

properties For Sale In South Arlington

Tiny3 Active
Smaller7 Active
Small35 Active
Modest19 Active
Mid-Sized19 Active
Large18 Active
Big13 Active
Very Large8 Active
Sprawling10 Active

properties For Sale In South Arlington

Studio1 Active
1 BR16 Active
2 BR32 Active
3 BR34 Active
4 BR24 Active
5 BR15 Active
6 BR9 Active
7 BR1 Active
8 BR1 Active


Single-Family Residences For Sale around South Arlington VA

$850,000 at Kings Hundred

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Will and Julie Nesbitt cross the street in Shirlington
Will and Julie Nesbitt cross the street in Shirlington

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    When you put your house on the market, setting the price is one of the most important decisions you make. Many Realtors believe that pricing is can make or break your sale. Under-price your home and you might cost yourself tens of thousands of dollars. Overprice your home and you risk watching it languish on the market. But how can a seller know exactly what the best price is?

    Can you rely on Zillow? Not according to Zillow. Even in areas where the software has the highest confidence, Zillow says their pricing varies by 5% to 10%.

    You can rely on your Realtor. Nesbitt Realty’s agents have years of experience pricing homes for sale and helping buyers and sellers. They combine this experience with proprietary real estate software to give you a valuation you can trust and to help you make your best decision possible.

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