About Condo Alexandria and Nesbitt Realty

What is Condo Alexandria?
Condo-Alexandria.com (or “Condo Alexandria”) is owned and operated by Nesbitt Realty LLC. Nesbitt Realty is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
We serve clients throughout Northern Virginia and although our primary business focus is on condos in Alexandria and Arlington, we help folks buy, sell and rent townhouses, single family residences as well as condominiums in Northern Virginia.

The offices of Nesbitt Realty are in a residential condominium community in Alexandria, thus the nickname “Condo Alexandria”.

Condo Alexandria has built a strong following among condo owners in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Falls Church and other areas of Northern Virginia. We serve condo owners, renters, landlords and buyers because we care about condominium owners, renters landlords and buyers.

Nesbitt Realty is located just outside Old Town near the GW Parkway. Our offices are in Fairfax County near Alexandria VA.

Will and Julie at Art Festival
At the 2009 Alexandria Art Festival

1610 N Queen St #243
1610 N Queen St #243 $999,900
801 S Pitt St #229
801 S Pitt St #229 $410,000
607 Bashford Ln #1
607 Bashford Ln #1 $444,900
8370 Greensboro Dr #221
8370 Greensboro Dr #221 $445,000
11799 Rockaway Ln #42
11799 Rockaway Ln #42 $412,000
8248 Catbird Cir #8248a-
8248 Catbird Cir #8248a- $260,000
1504 Lincoln Way #308
1504 Lincoln Way #308 $258,000
7822 Harrowgate Cir #110
7822 Harrowgate Cir #110 $225,000
500 Belmont Bay Dr #113
500 Belmont Bay Dr #113 $334,000
240 S Reynolds St #109
240 S Reynolds St #109 $230,000

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