Real Estate Introduction To the Cities and Counties of Northern VA

About Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is a part of the National Capital Region it is home to some of the most educated, affluent and particular buyers in the nation. Everyday we help folks relocate in and out of Northern Virginia as well as help locals advance their real estate goals. If you're shopping for a home in Northern Virginia, you will find this is a great resource for understanding the area and for seeking out the perfect real estate match for your tastes and budget.

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Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is a highly livable city with enviable amenities, culture and attractions. The Commonwealth of Virginia considers Alexandria an "independent city" which means that Alexandria is not in any county. However, parts of Northern Virginia have an Alexandria postal address, but are actually in Fairfax County. All this can be confusing for newcomers to the area, but we try to simplify this in our guide by organizing things so they make sense for the home buyer. You won't have to be a Virginia jurisdictional authority to find the home you want to buy, but start here for a primer on Alexandria. According to US Census Data, as of 2010 Alexandria had a population, the City of Alexandria had a total population of 139,966. Alexandria is one of the largest independent cities in Virginia and is home to a variety of neighborhoods and communities.

Alexandria dates back to the colonial era and many of the neighborhoods of Alexandria reflect that heritage. However, Alexandria is also home to newer and relatively new neighborhoods.

Arlington VA

Arlington is an urban county of about 26 square miles located directly across the Potomac River from Washington DC. Arlington's central location in the Washington DC metropolitan area, its ease of access by car and public transportation, and its highly skilled labor force have attracted an increasingly varied residential and commercial mix.

Arlington's central location in the Washington DC metropolitan area, its ease of access by car and public transportation, and its highly skilled labor force have attracted an increasingly varied residential and commercial mix. Arlington's planners have focused on a smart design which focuses neighborhoods with the highest density along the Orange Line of the Metro. Some of Arlington's most upscale high-rises and sought after addresses are within a block or two of a Metro station. But as you work away from the metro, high-rises give way to townhomes and then older neighborhoods like Lyon Park feature stately older single family residences on tree-lined streets.

Fairfax County, VA & the City of Fairfax

Fairfax County is a diverse and thriving urban county. As the most populous jurisdiction in both Virginia and the Washington metropolitan area, the county's population exceeds that of seven states.

Fairfax County surrounds the City of Fairfax and borders Alexandria, Arlington and Falls Church. Fairfax County ranges from urban to suburban, with homes to suit almost every taste and budget. Because Fairfax County is so large our Guide arbitrarily divides Fairfax County into three parts:

Falls Church, VA

Falls Church, settled in 1699, is one of the oldest cities in Virginia. Falls Church is a mix of urban high-rises and suburban style neighborhoods with easy access to Northern Virginia's transportation network. Falls Church is comprised of the City of Falls Church and parts of Fairfax County with a Falls Church address. From the condos of Skyline to the Falls Church Metro and everywhere in between, there are lots of lifestyle choices around Falls Church.

The city's corporate boundaries do not include all of the area historically known as Falls Church; these areas include portions of Seven Corners, the Skyline area and other portions of the current Falls Church postal districts of Fairfax County, as well as the area of Arlington County known as East Falls Church. To differentiate that part of Falls Church which is independent from Fairfax County, Falls Church is sometimes called Falls Church City or the City of Falls Church. There are an interesting mixture of homes in and around Falls Church with both some of the areas most prestigious neighborhoods and most affordable homes and condos.

Falls Church has easy access to both the East Falls Church and West Falls Church Metro stations.

Prince William County

Prince William County is part of Northern Virginia and is one of the highest-income counties in the United States. The estimated population of Prince William County in 2009 of the county was 394,370. Its county seat is the independent city of Manassas. Real estate in Prince William County is generally more affordable than real estate in Fairfax County, Arlington and Alexandria, but if you work in the metropolitan area, Prince William County residents often have a longer commute.

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