Electrify America Of Reston Builds More Than 500 EV Charging Stations Nationwide

Electrify America, a Reston, Virginia-based company, said it has more than 500 electric vehicle charging stations now open across the U.S. They have a total of more than 2,200 individual fast chargers. Electrify America began building its nationwide network of EV charging stations in 2018. Their goal is to address the range anxiety many EV drivers experiences when venturing too far from work or home.

According to wtop.com, “Sites for the charging stations are chosen along major routes and in metro areas and are placed near shopping, banking, and dining amenities. Many of them are in Walmart parking lots. In the D.C. area, there are stations in Fairfax County in Reston, Tysons, Fairfax, Falls Church, Springfield. Sterling, Chantilly and Alexandria, and in Bethesda, Maryland. Electrify America has a map of its charging stations on its website. The Electrify America app allows users to locate a station, pay, and monitor the charging session.”

As per wtop.com, “With more than 500 charging stations open, Electrify America is currently the largest network of fast-charging stations in the U.S. It recently completed its first cross-country routes, spanning 11 states and more than 2,700 miles — enough to take an EV driver from Los Angeles to D.C. with sufficient charging stops.”

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