Restrooms of the Fairfax City Parks To Be Kept Open By City Jobs Program

Where all businesses are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, locked restrooms, due to closures of libraries and other public places, have only made the matters worse. But this problem has been solved locally thanks to a partnership between Fairfax City and The Lamb Center. The Lamb Center is daytime, a drop-in shelter serving the homeless. Under the already-existing City Jobs program, some 20 homeless men and women from The Lamb Center are paid to do a variety of tasks for Fairfax City’s Parks and Recreation Department. Via this innovative initiative, these workers clean and beautify city parks and other outdoor spaces for the public’s enjoyment. Continue reading

Hot Meal Continued To Be Provided By FACETS In Fairfax County

FACETS works in Fairfax County to provide basic services for neighbors who suffer the effects of homelessness, poverty, and hunger. This has been made more challenging since COVID-19. FACETS Hot Meals Program continues to operate every night of the week, and twice on Sundays in partnership with the faith community, serving meals to those experiencing homelessness. The number of people they are serving has already doubled over the past month. Continue reading

Fairfax County Physical Education Teacher Holds Online Classes

A Fairfax County elementary school physical education teacher has been holding daily online fitness events for students for the last two weeks. These classes feature stretches, short workouts, and challenges. Suzanne Metz, who is a teacher at North Springfield Elementary, said, “It’s just so fun, and … sometimes I wear my crazy pants and people get so excited about it. I’ve gotten such a great reaction.” Continue reading

Julia Christophe Is The New Store Manager of Lidl In Springfield

Lidl opened in Springfield on Wednesday and brought along with it new jobs for many. One of them is Julia Christophe, 24, who will manage the store and its 60-employee staff. When asked how it felt to be the new store manager, she said “nervous, but [it} puts drive with pressure like this.” She referred to the excitement of the grand opening which drew a crowd large enough to fill the parking lot to capacity and form a line along with the building. Continue reading