Arlington Count Approves Additional $200 Fine For Neighborhood Speeders

You risk an additional fine of $200 if you are caught speeding in a residential neighborhood in Arlington.

This is after the County Board voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve adding on an extra $200 fine to speeding tickets in certain residential areas. This decision came after citizens complained about over speeding and pedestrian safety.

“The Board is taking this action to help deter drivers from speeding down residential streets, endangering people who are walking, cycling and using scooters to get around,” said county board chair Libby Garvey in a news release.

In order to determine which residential streets qualify for the additional fine, the transportation division of the county’s Department of Environmental Services will examine speeding complaints and existing traffic data. For a street to qualify, it must be in a residential zone and classified as a neighborhood principal, minor arterial or major arterial street on the County’s road classification map. They must also have a documented speeding issue that has been confirmed by the County’s police department.

Once a road is qualified as a speeding zone, a “$200 Additional Speeding Fine” sign will be attached to speed limit signs along the road to warn drivers of the additional fines.

This fine will be added to the current speeding fines which cost $6 for every mile above 25 miles-per-hour speed limit, plus $66 for state-mandated court fees.  The additional revenue raised through the new fine will contribute to the county’s operating budget.

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