Alexandria Fire Department Issues Cooking Safety Tips For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the day for cooking, baking, grilling and much more cooking. According to the National Fire Protection Association Thanksgiving is the leading day for cooking related fires. With this ‘fiery’ day in mind the Alexandria Fire Department has offered these cooking safety tips for all residents in Alexandria:

  • Make sure their oven ans stoves are properly cleaned and free of grease prior to use.
  • Wear short sleeves or wear rolled sleeves shirts so as to avoid your clothes getting caught in a fire
  • Do not leave stoves, ovens, grills or other heating material unattended
  • Keep food wrappers, pot holders, plastic and all other flammable items away from heating sources
  • Keep children away from all cooking equipment as it can cause serious burns
  • All hot pans and utensils should be handled with oven mitts or handled with care so as to not cause burns.
  • Make sure all appliances , stoves and ovens are completely turned off after cooking.
  • Turkey Fryers are a major fire hazard and residents are advised to proceed with caution when using this appliance. Residents care advised to use turkey fryers outside the home and to ensure there are no oil spillage while cooking.

Residents of Alexandria are urged to take heed to these safety tips and to immediately report all fire related incidents.

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