Questions For Your Agent When Selling A Home Similar To 3228 N Pershing Dr In Arlington

Are you a home seller with a detached similar to 3228 N Pershing Dr in Arlington that won't sell?

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Did you know that in Ashton Heights:

  • the average number of days on the market is 18.
  • the most expensive residence on the market is 3114 Pershing Dr.
  • the least expensive home on the market is 3228 N Pershing Dr.
  • 3228 N Pershing Dr is currently listed for $1,150,000.

A detached that's seen very little activity when listed for sale for months can cause worry. A few questions to ask your agent include:

  • Is your detached listed on your local multiple listing service?
  • Is the price right?
  • How does your listing look compared with the homes priced similarly?

Recently Sold At Ashton Heights

Here are various reasons properties similar to 3228 N Pershing Dr in Arlington will sometimes have no traffic:

  • Odor — The majority of detacheds have an odor that the owner doesn't even know aware of.
  • Floor plan — Strange or awkward floorplans may also make a home linger, such as older places where you have to walk through a bedroom to get to a second bedroom,.
  • Location — Every location has a buyer, but once in a while it takes a while to find THAT buyer
  • First Impression — Let's face it: a few places are not attractive when you first gaze upon them.

These are problems we’ve seen before and challenges we know how to overcome. Are you considering selling your home in Ashton Heights? If so, it's appropriate to see what places beside your home have recently sold for. Sold places can give a owner an idea what the seller's own detached will fetch. Email Alan Clerinx to get a free and more accurate assessment of your home's value. I can also prepare a marketing plan to show you how I plan to get you the best price as quickly as possible.

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