Virginia Tech’s FutureHAUS Opens Near Potomac Yard In Alexandria

Virginia Tech’s project FutureHAUS has opened for display near the future home of Virginia Tech Innovation Campus, Potomac Yard. The house is located at 2602 Main Line Blvd and is open for viewing until August 16. The 900 sq ft home which won the first prize at the 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East is completely powdered by solar energy and is loaded with futuristic technology which was designed to accommodate aging in place and to adapt to a resident’s specific needs.  The house is a product of many years of research and development by over 100 Virginia Tech students and faculty members. The FutureHAUS took three days to assemble and it comprises of 18 components which makes it easy to be transported anywhere. Inside the FutureHAUS visitors will feel like they are walking in a science fiction movie or an episode of the Jetsons. The floors contain sensors which cause the lights to turn on and off while the bedroom contains a ‘smart mirror’ that allows residents to mix and match clothes in their closet without physically trying them on. Some walls in the house are movable which allows residents to change the size of their rooms. All sinks in the house are adjustable to accommodate height differences and ages of residents. FutureHAUS is committed to address environmental concerns by using solar energy to power many of its devices. FutureHAUS is a display house you don’t want to miss viewing.

Properties in Potomac Yard

$1,100,000 at Del Ray
$259,900 at Potowmack Crossing
$599,999 at Lynhaven/N. Delray
$614,888 at Lynhaven


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