Kingstowne development plans

Kingstowne is a planned community and one of my favorites in Northern Virginia. The Fairfax County Department of Zoning works directly with land developers to coordinate projects and regulate land development in and around the 12,000 acres that make up the Kingstowne community. There are several projects slated to complete the master plan for Kingstowne. In addition, the U.S. Department of Defense is reorganizing military installations to adapt to changing circumstances under a plan called BRAC.   Between 14,000 to 19,000 jobs are slated for transfer to Fort Belvoir by September 2011.  This transition will affect transportation systems, the natural environment and the quality of life in the Alexandria near Kingstowne.  At least one community has proposed an amendment to the comprehensive plan to better serve the needs of BRAC. Here are a few of the changes expected because of BRAC and adherence to the original plan for Kingstowne.

Kingstowne Towne Center

The Kingstowne Towne Center will remain true to the original master plan by constructing four office buildings at a site on the Kingstowne Village Parkway where parking pads are currently located.  Planners believe that additional office space makes Kingstowne more vibrant and economically strong by attracting desirable retailers, restaurants, etc.

Springfield Mall Revitalization

In addition to the Towne Center projects, the nearby Springfield Mall will become a mixed-use town center that will include retail shops, a hotel, residential buildings and office space.  The project will be phased in over the course of the next eight to ten years.

Hilltop Village Center

Wegmen's Grocery Store in Kingstowne? Perhaps soon. The Hilltop Sand and Gravel Company owns of 150 acres at the intersection of Beulah St and Telegraph Rd. They have proposed a complex of office, retail and residential uses.The project is to include recreation facilities: two soccer fields, a tot lot and parking.

Regional Library/Lee Village at Silver Lake

Now under construction along Beulah Street near Manchester Lakes Boulevard, a regional library and mixed use housing development is expected to provide housing for the elderly and county essential professionals, such as teachers and nurses.

Veteran's of Foreign Wars (VFW) Meeting Facility

Along Beulah, the VFW is building a two-story edifice with administrative offices, a bingo hall and as a meeting and recreational place for VFW members.

Fire Department responds to a call in Belle View

Belle View 2nd story unit Units from the Fairfax County and Alexandria City Fire and Rescue Departments responded to a call yesterday from Belle View condominiums in New Alexandria VA. New Alexandria has an Alexandria postal address, but is actually part of Fairfax County. police and rescue at Belle View Fire and rescue units from Fairfax County's nearby Sherwood Hall station arrived before units from the City of Alexandria. Fairfax County officials responded with fire trucks, an ambulance and police cruisers. Police blocked off westbound Belle View Boulevard in front of the Belle View Shopping Center to give rescuers room to work. By the time Alexandria responders arrived it appeared that Fairfax County had the problem well in hand. firefighters at Belle View condos By the time these pictures were taken the fire was under control and/or extinguished, but smoke and burnt plastic could still be smelled in the streets. Residents and witnesses said they believed the fire was from a second story unit and may have been a kitchen fire. At least 1 person was taken to the hospital for further examination, but there were no apparent injuries other than smoke inhalation. after action report at Belle View condos The Incident Commander wrapped up with an after-action report and life soon returned to normal in Belle View.
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