Exploring the Distinctive Appeal of Old Town North, Alexandria

Unveiling the Essence of Old Town North in Alexandria

Delve into the enchanting world of Alexandria, Virginia, and its prestigious Old Town North community. This article will guide you through the unique attractions and lifestyle that Old Town North offers, enriching your understanding of this historical yet vibrant neighborhood.

Old Town North showcases a diverse real estate market, with properties averaging 75 days on the market. This area presents a variety of residential options, characterized by an average living area of 1,199 square feet and a price per square foot of $771, reflecting its desirability and premium location.

Featuring 625 Slaters Ln #208 West, Alexandria, VA:

  • Style: Art Deco, Unit/Flat, Transitional Condo
  • MLS Number: VAAX2029240
  • Ownership: Condominium
  • Price per Square Foot: $650
  • Size: 1,115 Square Feet

For more details, visit 625 Slaters Ln #208 West.

Photo of 625 Slaters Ln #208 West

Discover the allure of Towngate North in Alexandria's Old Town North, where luxury meets convenience. This art deco-inspired condominium offers an exceptional living experience with its spacious, open floor plans, elegant finishes, and modern amenities. Residents enjoy access to a concierge, fitness studio, rooftop terrace, and more, all within a central location near the Mount Vernon Trail and vibrant city life. The available unit offers immediate move-in, with a special offer of $20,000 off any 2BD/2BA home settlement by December 15, 2023.

Real Estate Guidance from Julie Nesbitt

If you're considering a property in Old Town North or have other real estate questions, Julie Nesbitt is ready to assist. Call us at (703)765-0300 for expert advice and personalized service.

Julie Nesbitt

Exceptional Value with Nesbitt Realty's Rebate Program

Choosing Nesbitt Realty means not only receiving expert real estate advice but also enjoying significant savings. For example, purchasing 625 Slaters Ln #208 West could qualify you for a rebate of $4,339. Learn more about our rebate program at About Our Rebates and Why Nesbitt Realty.

Effective Property Management Tips for Old Town North

For those looking to manage properties in Old Town North, here are some essential tips:

  • Stay informed about local market trends to make smart investment decisions.
  • Regular maintenance is key to preserving property value and tenant satisfaction.
  • Understanding local regulations and best property management practices can greatly enhance your success as a landlord.

This article provides a thorough exploration of Old Town North, Alexandria, offering insights into its real estate market, lifestyle, and the benefits of partnering with Nesbitt Realty for your property needs.

Discover the Unique Charm of Lynhaven in Alexandria, Virginia

Insights into the Historic and Vibrant Community of Lynhaven

Explore the historic city of Alexandria, Virginia, with a focus on the Lynhaven community. This section delves into the quality of life, highlighting key places and amenities that make Lynhaven an appealing choice for residents.

The Lynhaven community boasts a brisk real estate market with an average of 11 days on the market, suggesting a high demand for properties in the area. The average living space is 961 square feet, priced at $746 per square foot, offering a range of living options for different needs and preferences.

Spotlighting 234 Evans Ln, Alexandria, VA:

  • Style: Bungalow Interior Unit Townhouse
  • MLS Number: VAAX2024104
  • Ownership: Fee Simple
  • Price per Square Foot: $833
  • Size: 864 Square Feet

For detailed information, visit 234 Evans Ln.

Photo of 234 Evans Ln

Welcome to the captivating 234 Evans Lane in Alexandria's Lynhaven neighborhood. This beautifully maintained 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom row home, freshly painted and located within walking distance to Del Ray and Potomac Yard, offers a blend of charm and convenience. The home features a renovated kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a breakfast bar. The dining room leads to a large deck and fenced backyard with off-street parking. The finished basement includes a rec room and full bath. Additional highlights include a new A/C unit, furnace, and proximity to the upcoming Potomac Yard metro stop, making this home a highly sought-after gem in Lynhaven.

Expert Real Estate Assistance with Nesbitt Realty

If you're interested in exploring properties in Lynhaven or have other real estate inquiries in Northern Virginia, Nesbitt Realty is at your service. Contact us at (703)765-0300 for personalized assistance and expert guidance.

Nesbitt Realty , a family business serving real estate needs in Northern VA.

Maximize Your Investment with Nesbitt Realty's Rebate Program

Choosing Nesbitt Realty for your property purchase in Lynhaven not only ensures expert advice but also offers the opportunity for significant savings. For instance, buying 234 Evans Ln could qualify you for a rebate of $4,299. Discover more about Nesbitt Realty's rebate program at About Our Rebates and Why Nesbitt Realty.

Rental Management Tips for Alexandria's Lynhaven Community

For those considering rental investments in Lynhaven, here are some essential tips:

  • Understand the local rental market to set competitive prices.
  • Regularly maintain your property to ensure tenant satisfaction and property value.
  • Stay updated on local regulations and best practices in property management.

In conclusion, this article provides a comprehensive overview of Lynhaven in Alexandria, highlighting its real estate market, community amenities, and the benefits of partnering with Nesbitt Realty.

Discovering the Appeal of Ridgewood in Fairfax, Virginia

A Closer Look at Ridgewood's Real Estate and Lifestyle

Located in Fairfax County, Virginia, the community of Ridgewood offers a unique blend of suburban charm and convenience. This post explores the characteristics of Ridgewood, focusing on its real estate market, local amenities, and the overall quality of life for its residents.

Ridgewood stands out with an average days on market of just 22 days, signaling a brisk and dynamic real estate scene. Homes here average around 2,039 square feet, priced at about $380 per square foot. Property values range from $740,000 at 11371 Ridgeline Rd to $820,000 at 11350 Ridgeline Rd, catering to various budgets and preferences.

Residents of Ridgewood enjoy a balance of peaceful residential living and easy access to Fairfax's amenities.

Photo of 11371 Ridgeline Rd

Highlighting 11371 Ridgeline Rd, Fairfax, VA

11371 Ridgeline Rd exemplifies the modern living standards in Ridgewood. This traditional interior unit townhouse, listed at $759,900, reflects the architectural style and lifestyle of the area:

  • Style: Traditional Interior Unit Townhouse
  • MLS number: VAFX2127142
  • Ownership: Fee Simple
  • Price per Square Foot: $382
  • Size: 1,991 square feet

Located near Fairfax's vibrant heart, this property features hardwood floors, a gourmet kitchen with a gas range, and a primary bedroom with a luxurious master bath. Its 4th level opens to a rooftop terrace with stunning views, while the lower level is finished with an additional full bath, offering versatile living spaces.

For more details, visit 11371 Ridgeline Rd.

Comparative Market Analysis in Ridgewood

Examining properties in Ridgewood provides insights into what prospective buyers can expect:

  • 11371 Ridgeline Rd: Priced at $759,900

These examples illustrate the variety of housing options available in Ridgewood, appealing to diverse preferences and budgets.

Real Estate Expertise with Nesbitt Realty

For those seeking professional real estate guidance in Fairfax, Nesbitt Realty offers comprehensive knowledge and experience. Whether you're exploring Ridgewood or other Fairfax communities, Nesbitt Realty provides the support needed to navigate the market effectively.

Contact Nesbitt Realty at (703)765-0300 or visit our website for more information.

Nesbitt Realty, a family business serving real estate needs in Northern VA.

Discovering the Advantages of Nesbitt Realty's Rebate Program

When purchasing a home like 11371 Ridgeline Rd through Nesbitt Realty, buyers can benefit from our rebate program. Eligible buyers may receive a rebate of $4,613. Learn more about this and other advantages of working with Nesbitt Realty by visiting About Our Rebates and Why Nesbitt Realty.

Renting Management Tips for Ridgewood Residents

If you own a property in Ridgewood and are considering renting it out, here are some tips:

  • Understand the local rental market to set competitive prices.
  • Keep your property well-maintained to attract quality tenants.
  • Consider hiring a professional property management company for hassle-free renting.

Ridgewood's desirable location and amenities make it an attractive option for renters, ensuring a steady demand for rental properties.

Exploring the Unique Charm of Falls Church’s Holmes Run Acres

Discovering the History and Modern Living in Holmes Run Acres

Falls Church, a vibrant city in Fairfax County, Virginia, boasts a rich history and offers residents a high-quality lifestyle with various transportation options. This article focuses on the Holmes Run Acres community, particularly at 3338 Hemlock Dr, showcasing its unique mid-century modern charm and the benefits of living in this area.

In Holmes Run Acres, the average days on the market is a swift 9 days, indicating a high demand for homes in this area. The average living space in this community is around 2,049 square feet, with a price per square foot averaging at $511. The properties in Holmes Run Acres range in price and size, with the most expensive being 3445 Gallows Rd listed at $1,784,990 and the more affordable option at 3319 Hemlock Dr priced at $474,900. These homes generally offer between 2 to 7 bedrooms. The community is known for its amenities and the unique mid-century modern architecture of its homes, making it a distinctive and desirable place to live.

3338 Hemlock Dr is a contemporary, mid-century modern detached home currently on the market. Priced at $774,900, this property features 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and spans 1,127 square feet, translating to a price per square foot of $688. More details about this home can be found here.

Photo of 3338 Hemlock Dr

This home in Holmes Run Acres is a rare find, offering a larger floor plan in the community. It features major improvements including an expanded upper level with a larger primary bedroom, dressing area, and walk-in closet. The home's kitchen, bathrooms, and flooring have been recently renovated. It also enjoys a prime location across from Woodburn Elementary School, a magnet school for the fine and communicative arts. Its proximity to Gallows Road offers easy access to the Dunn Loring Metro and the Mosaic Center, enriching the living experience in this historic community.

Similar properties in price include 3401 Hartwell Ct, listed at $826,600, offering a glimpse into what buyers can afford in the Holmes Run Acres community.

For more information or to schedule a viewing, contact Stuart Nesbitt at Nesbitt Realty at (703)765-0300. Our team is ready to help with any questions about 3338 Hemlock Dr or the Holmes Run Acres community.

Real Estate Insights with Stuart Nesbitt in Holmes Run Acres

Stuart Nesbitt

Stuart Nesbitt, with his extensive knowledge and experience, is an excellent resource for those interested in purchasing a home in the unique Holmes Run Acres community. Whether it's the contemporary charm of 3338 Hemlock Dr or other properties in the area, Stuart provides invaluable guidance and support throughout the buying process. Nesbitt Realty's commitment to exceptional real estate services ensures a seamless buying experience. Learn more about our services and how we can assist you in finding your dream home in Holmes Run Acres here.

When buying a home in Holmes Run Acres, it's important to consider the unique architectural style and community history. Prospective buyers should assess the condition of the property, especially in older homes, and consider the potential for renovations. It's also crucial to understand the local real

estate market trends to make an informed decision. In conclusion, Falls Church's Holmes Run Acres is a community steeped in history, offering a blend of mid-century modern charm and contemporary living. For expert guidance in navigating this market, Stuart Nesbitt and the team at Nesbitt Realty are your go-to real estate professionals.

Why Choose Springfield, Virginia for Your Next Home?

Unveiling the Lifestyle and Parklands of Springfield, Virginia

Springfield, located in Fairfax County, Virginia, is a community that offers a diverse range of benefits for its residents. This article explores the advantages of living in Springfield, focusing on the parks and recreational facilities that contribute to the area's appeal. We will also take a closer look at the Kings Park community, particularly the neighborhood around 8621 Kenilworth Dr, to understand what life is like in this part of Springfield.

In Kings Park, the average days on market is 20, suggesting a high demand for homes in this area. The average size of homes is around 1,676 square feet, with an average price per square foot of $482. The price range varies, with the most expensive property at 1181 Catlett Mountain Rd listed for $1,875,000, and the more affordable option at 5307 Rolling Rd priced at $629,900. Homes typically offer 3 to 6 bedrooms, catering to families of various sizes. Residents of Kings Park enjoy access to a range of amenities and a strong sense of community, making it a popular choice among homebuyers.

8621 Kenilworth Dr is a captivating cape cod style home on the market, characterized by its mid-20th-century architecture. This home is listed at $729,000 and offers 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, spanning 2,500 square feet. This translates to a cost of $292 per square foot. More details about this property can be found here.

Photo of 8621 Kenilworth Dr

This remarkable home in the Kings Park neighborhood has been thoughtfully renovated to offer modern conveniences while retaining its traditional charm. The open floor plan, abundant natural light, and a gourmet kitchen with marble countertops and new appliances create a welcoming atmosphere. Hardwood floors grace the upper and main levels, and the screened porch provides a serene outdoor space. The home's location near King Park and Lake Accotink trail, coupled with its proximity to top-rated schools and easy access to major commuting routes, makes it an ideal choice for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Comparing similar properties, 5303 Rolling Rd, priced at $699,900, and 5512 Yorkshire St, sold for $680,000, offer potential buyers a glimpse into the range of options available within the Kings Park community.

For more information or to schedule a viewing, contact Will Nesbitt at Nesbitt Realty at (703)765-0300. We can assist with any questions regarding this property or others in the area.

Expert Real Estate Services with Will Nesbitt in Springfield, Virginia

Will Nesbitt

Will Nesbitt, a seasoned real estate professional, is well-equipped to guide you through the Springfield real estate market. Whether you're interested in properties like 8621 Kenilworth Dr or seeking general real estate advice, Will and the team at Nesbitt Realty are here to help. Nesbitt Realty's commitment to excellence in real estate services means that you'll receive the best advice and support. Learn more about our services here.

When considering renting a property in Springfield, it's important to understand the local market trends and the unique appeal of neighborhoods like Kings Park. Effective property management, including regular maintenance and understanding tenant needs, is key to a successful rental experience. Additionally, being aware of local attractions and amenities can help in attracting and retaining tenants.

In summary, Springfield, Virginia, offers a compelling mix of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility. The community of Kings Park is a prime example of the quality of life available in Springfield, with its blend of charming homes and proximity to parks and schools. For expert guidance in navigating the Springfield real estate market, turn to Will Nesbitt and the team at Nesbitt Realty.

What Makes Springfield, Virginia, a Desirable Community to Call Home?

Discovering the Unique Features and Advantages of Springfield, Virginia

Springfield, Virginia, situated in Fairfax County, is renowned for its harmonious blend of historical roots and modern conveniences. This article aims to shed light on the unique features and advantages of living in Springfield. It will focus specifically on the Bramblewood community, located at 7215 Willow Oak Pl, illustrating the kind of lifestyle and amenities that residents enjoy in this area.

In Bramblewood, properties typically stay on the market for an average of 30 days, indicating a healthy and dynamic real estate environment. The average living space in this community is around 1,670 square feet, with the cost averaging $461 per square foot. The price range within the community varies, with the most expensive property at 7215 Willow Oak Pl listed for $749,900 and the least expensive at 7227 Galgate Dr priced at $725,000. Each home generally offers 3 bedrooms, catering to a variety of family sizes. Bramblewood is known for its tranquil environment, enhanced by its proximity to local amenities, making it a sought-after location in Springfield.

7215 Willow Oak Pl exemplifies traditional architecture of the mid-20th century. This detached home, priced at $749,900, features 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and 1 half bath within a 1,205 square foot space, resulting in a price per square foot of $622. Additional details about this property can be found here.

Photo of 7215 Willow Oak Pl

Majorly renovated in 2022, this charming house in the West Springfield area offers a spacious living room that opens to an expansive deck, ideal for outdoor dining and living. The lower level includes a luxury bath and versatile space that could serve as a playroom, guest room, or entertainment area. The property also features a fully fenced backyard, providing a serene outdoor space. Conveniently located in the heart of Springfield, residents have easy access to a wide range of amenities.

Other properties in the area include 7227 Galgate Dr, priced at $725,000, and 7227 Galgate Dr, sold for $707,000, offering potential buyers a variety of options within a similar price range.

Nesbitt Realty, a family business serving real estate needs in Northern VA, is available to answer any questions. Contact us at (703)765-0300 for more information or to schedule a viewing.

Nesbitt Realty: Your Partner in Springfield Real Estate

Nesbitt Realty , a family business serving real estate needs in Northern VA.

At Nesbitt Realty, our deep understanding of the Springfield real estate market makes us a trusted partner for your home buying needs. Whether you're interested in a property like 7215 Willow Oak Pl or seeking expert property management services, our team is here to assist. Our local expertise and access to a wealth of resources ensure that we provide top-notch service to our clients. Discover the advantages of working with Nesbitt Realty here.

Effective property management is essential for maintaining the value of your real estate investment in areas like Springfield. This includes regular property inspections, timely rent collection, and responsive maintenance services. Staying updated with local regulations and market trends is also crucial for successful property management. Additionally, understanding the specific needs of the Springfield community can help in attracting and retaining quality tenants.

In conclusion, Springfield, Virginia, offers residents a desirable mix of historical charm and modern amenities. Communities like Bramblewood exemplify the quality of life and housing options available in this area. For those interested in exploring real estate opportunities or seeking property management services in Springfield, Nesbitt Realty is your knowledgeable and reliable partner.

Discovering the Charm of Alta Vista in Arlington, Virginia

Exploring the Lifestyle and Amenities of Alta Vista, Arlington

Arlington, Virginia, offers a unique blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquility, and the Alta Vista community embodies this perfectly. Situated in the heart of Arlington County, this neighborhood boasts excellent transportation options, adding to the appeal for both commuters and local residents.

Alta Vista is known for its brisk real estate market, with an average of 19 days on market. The average living area in this community is around 1,348 square feet, and the average price per square foot is approximately $510. The most expensive property currently available is 900 N Stafford St #2131, listed at $759,000, while the most affordable option is 900 N Stafford St #1503, priced at $539,900. These properties typically feature 2 to 3 bedrooms, catering to a range of lifestyles and family sizes.

A prime example of the offerings in Alta Vista is the property located at 900 N Stafford St #2131, Arlington, VA. This contemporary condo, characteristic of the late 20th-century architectural style, is on the market for $729,000. It offers a spacious 1,470 square feet of living space, including 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, which equates to a price per square foot of $496.

Photo of 900 N Stafford St #2131

The unit at 900 N Stafford St #2131 boasts stunning city views from its enclosed terraces. Its fresh paint and wood flooring add to the modern feel. The open-plan living and dining area leads to a versatile space, currently used as an office/bedroom. The kitchen features modern appliances, a roomy pantry, and space for a breakfast table. The primary suite offers a private terrace, dual closets, and an attached bath with a tub and shower. The building amenities include a fitness room, party room, underground parking, and front desk staff. With its location atop the Ballston Metro, the conveniences are unparalleled.

Similar properties in Arlington's Alta Vista community include:

If you have further questions or need assistance, Nesbitt Realty, a family business serving real estate needs in Northern VA, is here to help. Contact us at (703)765-0300.

Introducing Nesbitt Realty: Your Trusted Partner in Northern VA Real Estate

Nesbitt Realty, a family business serving real estate needs in Northern VA.

At Nesbitt Realty, we are committed to providing exceptional real estate services in Northern Virginia, including Arlington's Alta Vista. We are available to show you properties similar to 900 N Stafford St #2131 and guide you through the purchasing process. Buyers who choose Nesbitt Realty can enjoy a rebate of $4,371 when purchasing properties like 900 N Stafford St #2131. As a small-family owned business, we value every client and strive to offer personalized services. For more information, visit our Buyers Representation Options page. We also offer expert renting advice for those looking to navigate the Arlington rental market. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting, our team has the local knowledge and professional experience to assist you.

In summary, Alta Vista in Arlington, Virginia, presents a desirable living environment with its convenient location, modern amenities, and a variety of real estate options. Nesbitt Realty's dedicated team is ready to help you explore these opportunities and make informed decisions.


Discover the Appeal of Newington Forest in Springfield, Virginia

A Closer Look at Life in Newington Forest, Springfield

Springfield, Virginia, offers a unique suburban lifestyle with its well-established community, Newington Forest. This area is particularly known for its swift real estate market and quality community resources. Newington Forest in Fairfax County provides a perfect blend of tranquility and convenience, with its average days on market being a rapid 11 days, indicating a highly sought-after neighborhood.

The homes in Newington Forest, known for their substantial size, average around 1,474 square feet and command an average price of $416 per square foot. The real estate options vary, from the most expensive at 8844 Creekside Way priced at $830,000 to the more affordable 8089 Steeple Chase Ct at $325,000.

Spotlighting the residence at 8847 Woodlawn Way, Springfield, VA, this colonial-style home is currently listed for $799,999. For more details, click here. This property offers a compelling glimpse into the living experience in Newington Forest.

Photo of 8847 Woodlawn Way

8847 Woodlawn Way, a mid-20th-century colonial home, reflects the high standards of Newington Forest. It features six bedrooms, 4.5 baths, over 4000 sq. ft of finished space, and a 0.30-acre lot. Notable amenities include a new HVAC system, premium carpet, fresh paint, and a renovated kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The property's ideal location offers easy access to key areas in Springfield, along with excellent community amenities such as Lake Mercer and South Run Park & Rec Center.

For a detailed tour or additional information, contact Will Nesbitt at (703)765-0300.

Connect with Will Nesbitt for Expert Insights on Newington Forest Real Estate

Will Nesbitt

Potential buyers of 8847 Woodlawn Way can receive a rebate of $4,916 when working with Nesbitt Realty. Our deep understanding of the local market and dedication to excellent service is unmatched. Learn more about our client-focused approach at Why Nesbitt Realty.

Considering a move to Newington Forest? It's crucial to be well-informed about the local real estate trends, community facilities, and the overall lifestyle the area offers. With its blend of serene suburban living and convenient access to urban amenities, Springfield's Newington Forest is an attractive option for homebuyers.

Exploring the Allure of Cameron Station in Alexandria, Virginia

Uncover the Lifestyle and Real Estate Treasures of Cameron Station

In the heart of Alexandria, Virginia, lies the vibrant community of Cameron Station, a blend of modern amenities and historical legacy. This community offers an array of resources and a prime location with efficient transportation options. Cameron Station, known for its well-planned neighborhood and attractive properties, is a sought-after residential area. Homes here have an average living area of 1,913 square feet, with a price per square foot of $371. The community's real estate spectrum ranges from the luxurious 5147 Brawner Pl at $1,100,000 to the more affordable 400 Cameron Station Blvd #404 at $325,000.

A spotlight property in this community is 5109 Knapp Pl, a colonial end unit townhouse. Priced at $775,000, this late 20th-century home spans 2,089 square feet. For more information, visit 5109 Knapp Pl.

Photo of 5109 Knapp Pl

The residence at 5109 Knapp Pl in Cameron Station epitomizes elegance and comfort. Boasting sunlit rooms and meticulous maintenance, this end unit overlooks a charming pocket park. It features four levels, a two-car garage, three bedrooms, three full and one half baths, a kitchen with stainless appliances and granite countertops, and living spaces with French doors. Upgrades include plantation shutters, crown moldings, all windows replaced in 2015, renovated baths, custom built-ins, and a fully finished garage. This move-in ready home offers an exceptional lifestyle in a fantastic location.

Properties in Cameron Station comparable in price:

For further details or inquiries, contact Stuart Nesbitt at (703)765-0300.

Meet Stuart Nesbitt: Your Guide to Cameron Station Real Estate

Stuart Nesbitt

Stuart Nesbitt, an expert in the Cameron Station market, is ready to assist you with your property needs. With a rebate of $4,728 for buyers who use Nesbitt Realty to purchase a property like 5109 Knapp Pl, it's an opportunity not to be missed. Nesbitt Realty is a family-owned business, deeply committed to its clients. Learn about our rebates and the advantages of choosing us. When selling your home in Cameron Station, it's essential to understand the local market trends. Our team offers expert advice and top-notch real estate services to help you find the perfect home. In summary, this article provided insights into the Cameron Station community in Alexandria, VA. From market dynamics to the highlighted property at 5109 Knapp Pl, we've covered the essentials of this inviting neighborhood.

Exploring the Vibrant Lifestyle of The Waterview in Arlington

Unveiling the Charm of Arlington County's The Waterview

Arlington, Virginia, a blend of urban sophistication and suburban comfort, offers a unique living experience. In Arlington County, the community of The Waterview stands out for its modern amenities, strategic location, and quality of life. This post will delve into the details of The Waterview, focusing on the community's resources, lifestyle, and a spotlight on 1111 19th St N #1503, a contemporary condo that encapsulates the essence of this vibrant community.

The Waterview, with its 38-day average market response, reflects a dynamic and active real estate environment. The average living space here is 956 square feet, at a premium average price of $812 per square foot. Housing options range from the luxurious 1111 19th St N #2406 at $1,625,000 to more modestly priced units like 1111 19th St N #1804 at $479,000, catering to a diverse range of preferences and budgets.

A featured property in this community is 1111 19th St N #1503, a 21st-century contemporary condo, offering an exquisite living experience. Priced at $729,900 with a floor area of 1,077 square feet, this condo is a perfect embodiment of modern living in Arlington. Learn more about this attractive property here.

Photo of 1111 19th St N #1503

1111 19th St N #1503 is a testament to luxury urban living, offering spectacular views of the Washington Monument and Potomac River from its 15th-floor vantage point. The condo features wide plank maple flooring, Wood Mode cabinetry, and a kitchen equipped with high-end appliances, including a Subzero refrigerator and Viking range. New carpeting in the bedrooms adds a touch of comfort. The building's affiliation with Le Méridien ensures access to top-tier amenities like room service and a fitness center, alongside an exclusive rooftop deck with panoramic views, Wi-Fi, and grilling facilities.

Strategically located a block from Rosslyn Metro, this property offers unparalleled access to National Airport, DC, and Amazon HQ2. The unit includes one underground parking space and benefits from 24-hour concierge service and pet-friendly policies, enhancing its appeal as a secure and welcoming urban abode.

Properties similar in price to 1111 19th St N #1503 in The Waterview include:

For further inquiries or assistance, Stuart Nesbitt is available at (703)765-0300.

Expert Real Estate Insights with Stuart Nesbitt

Stuart Nesbitt

Choosing Nesbitt Realty to purchase a property like 1111 19th St N #1503 can result in a rebate of $4,378. Nesbitt Realty values every client and is committed to delivering top-notch real estate services. Learn more about our buyer rebates at About Our Rebates and why working with us is advantageous at Why Nesbitt Realty.

When considering a purchase in Arlington's The Waterview, it's crucial to assess factors like local market trends, property values, and available amenities. Nesbitt Realty's deep knowledge of Northern Virginia's real estate landscape ensures buyers make well-informed decisions, finding a property that aligns with their lifestyle and preferences.

In conclusion, The Waterview in Arlington County stands out for its modern living standards, convenient location, and high-quality amenities. The featured property at 1111 19th St N #1503 showcases the best of urban living in this vibrant community. For real estate needs in Arlington, Stuart Nesbitt and the team at Nesbitt Realty are ready to assist.