Setting up your account

 You'll probably hear from Kim Nesbitt as soon as you sign up with us. Kim's job is to coordinate the requirements of starting your account. She'll contact you to get

  • keys, passes
  • an IRS w-9 form (so that we can pay you)
  • a copy of insurance
  • security codes for alarm systems
  • a voided check (so that we can give you direct deposits)
  • anything else required to make your account go live.

Kim will then enter the information that you provide into our RentManager software as well as our proprietary programs and checklists to make sure nothing is overlooked. Kim is also there to assist you filling out the property management information form as well as gathering additional information from you.

As soon as you hand it to us, your work is finished

We provide a turn-key service. Once this set-up is complete we jump into action and make things happen. We will send you a monthly statement when we make payments to your account.
Kim Nesbitt

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