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Listed below you will see an exhaustive list of each and every subdivision (or condo) with properties for sale in Alexandria. This list is compiled from listings currently available today. This list is revised every few minutes to make sure that Nesbitt Realty is supplying fresh tallies which you may count on. The tallies collected below is taken directly from the Multiple Listing Service, so there are some quirks to keep in mind.

You might spot a subdivision listed more than once.

You should know that the names of subdivisions (or condos) collected below were all typed into the MLS database by Realtors. Because humans entered the data, there may be typographical errors. Later, those spelling errors can be corrected and that correction makes it seem like a listing has sold when actually the error was corrected.

And, there may be some variances as to what exactly a specific subdivision is called. If there is just one letter of difference between two entries this will be counted as different communities. So, when you really need to get a clear count, you have to consider all possible variations of the subdivision's name. For example, Midtown condominiums in Alexandria are by some people known as Midtown, Midtowns, Midtown condomiums, Midtown Alexandria, Midtown Alexandria Station.

"I saw a sign up but the subdivision isn't listed below."

Is there another name for this specific community?
Of course, for the reason stated above, make sure you double-check all possible variations of the spelling.
Is the listing for lease?
This tally does not cover rental properties. So, it's possible that the sign you saw was for a rental property. Not to mention, this tally only includes listings still for sale in Alexandria.
Is the listing coming soon?
An active listing is a property that is available and for sale. There are some properties that have a sign up that are not active. For instance, from time to time a for sale is posted because the property is coming soon. A property that is coming-soon is not yet available and not yet for sale. Only agents have access to information about listings that are in coming-soon status. Not to mention, the Multiple Listing Service does not permit Nesbitt Realty to include those properties in our count. If you want to know about coming-soon real estate in a particular community, you'll have to contact Nesbitt Realty directly.
Is the listing sold?
And, sometimes that a listing is already sold or under contract when you spot the for sale posted. Sold or under-contract notices don't go up immediately. Furthermore, from time to time that the listing agent is a little tardy with putting up the under-contract signs. For these reasons, it's possible to see a sign up when a property is not active.

Do you need prompt notices about listings from a particular neighborhood?

If you want to be contacted when a property is active in a particular community, just let us know. In addition, Nesbitt Realty can also give you specific information on a particular listing if you contact Nesbitt Realty directly. We have a supportive real estate pro that can quickly find the information you need.

You can organize the subdivisions by count or alphabetically.

The arrows at the header below are useful for arranging the list. Conversely, when you sort by listing count, just remember the points above, because the count isn't always accurate. Of course, the data is still pretty accurate.
4600 Duke3 Active
900 North Washington Street Condominiums2 Active
Abbots Woods5 Active
Abingdon Row2 Active
Alexandria8 Active
Alexandria House4 Active
Alexandria Knolls3 Active
Amberleigh5 Active
Arcturus On the Potomac1 Active
Ashby Heights1 Active
Autumn Chase Hunt3 Active
Backyard Boats1 Active
Beacon Manor1 Active
Bearings North1 Active
Bearings South2 Active
Beauregard Heights2 Active
Beddoo Heights5 Active
Bell Manor Estates1 Active
Belle Haven3 Active
Belle Haven Estates4 Active
Belle Haven Meadows3 Active
Belle Haven On the Green4 Active
Belle Haven Terrace2 Active
Belle Rive1 Active
Belle View Condominiums2 Active
Berkshire2 Active
Berkshire East1 Active
Beverley Hills4 Active
Beverly Hills2 Active
Bolling Brook2 Active
Braddock Acres1 Active
Braddock Heights1 Active
Bren Mar Park3 Active
Bren Pointe1 Active
Bridgehaven3 Active
Brookland Estates1 Active
Bucknell Manor1 Active
Burgess Square1 Active
Burgundy Farm1 Active
Burgundy Manor1 Active
Burgundy Village1 Active
Bush Hill Woods4 Active
Cambria Square1 Active
Cameron Homes1 Active
Cameron Park1 Active
Cameron Station15 Active
Canterbury Square1 Active
Cardinal Place1 Active
Carlton Place1 Active
Carlyle Towers5 Active
Carlyle Towers Condominium2 Active
Chapel Hill1 Active
Chatham Square3 Active
Clermont1 Active
Clover2 Active
Colecroft1 Active
Colecroft Station2 Active
College Park2 Active
Collingwood3 Active
Collingwood On the Potomac4 Active
Collingwood Springs2 Active
Colonial Acres2 Active
Colonial Heights3 Active
Condos At Carlyle Square3 Active
Cottage Farms2 Active
Cottage Park2 Active
Court At Mt Vernon2 Active
Crest of Alexandria3 Active
D Evereux West1 Active
Dail Park1 Active
Del Ray13 Active
Del Ray Place1 Active
Derin Glen1 Active
Dowden Terrace1 Active
Duke Condominium1 Active
Dyes Oakcrest3 Active
Eisenhower Square3 Active
Elmwood Manor1 Active
Emma P Hume1 Active
Engleside5 Active
Eos Twenty-One1 Active
Eton Square2 Active
Fair Haven3 Active
Fairfax1 Active
Fairfax Homes1 Active
Fairhaven1 Active
Fairlington Towne2 Active
Fairview1 Active
Fords Landing1 Active
Fort Lyon Heights1 Active
Fort Williams Park1 Active
Forty Six Hundred3 Active
Franconia Commons1 Active
Franconia Forest2 Active
Franconia Hills1 Active
George Washington Park5 Active
Glenmore3 Active
Glenwood Mews1 Active
Glynalta Park1 Active
Governors Hill4 Active
Grandview1 Active
Grove At Huntley Meadows2 Active
Groveton Heights2 Active
Groveton Woods1 Active
Gum Springs1 Active
Gunnell Estates2 Active
Hallmark2 Active
Hampden Heights2 Active
Harbor Terrace3 Active
Hayfield Farm6 Active
Hazeltine Heights1 Active
Hillwood3 Active
Historic Old Town1 Active
Holland Towne3 Active
Hollin Brook Park1 Active
Hollin Glen1 Active
Hollin Hall Village9 Active
Hollin Hills3 Active
Holly Acres1 Active
Holmes Run Heights1 Active
Hume Springs4 Active
Hunter's Manor1 Active
Hunting Creek2 Active
Hunting Creek Club2 Active
Huntington8 Active
Huntington At Mt Vernon1 Active
Huntington Club7 Active
Huntington Crossing7 Active
Huntington Mews1 Active
Huntington Station1 Active
Huntley1 Active
Hybla Valley1 Active
Hybla Valley Farms2 Active
Island Creek7 Active
Jefferson Green1 Active
Jefferson Manor8 Active
Jefferson Park3 Active
Kenwood Towers1 Active
Kingstowne18 Active
Kirk3 Active
Kirkside3 Active
Lake Devereux2 Active
Landmark Mews1 Active
Landsdowne3 Active
Les Maisons1 Active
Liberty Row2 Active
Lincoln Heights2 Active
Lincoln Mews1 Active
Lincolnia Hills1 Active
Lincolnia Park4 Active
Lynhaven2 Active
Main Street1 Active
Malvern Hill2 Active
Manchester Lakes6 Active
Manors At Mount Vernon2 Active
Maple Grove Estates1 Active
Marina Towers1 Active
Marlan Forest1 Active
Mary Lea Park1 Active
Mason Hill2 Active
Mayflower Square6 Active
Memorial Heights2 Active
Meyers Indian Run Park2 Active
Midtown Alexandria Station1 Active
Midtown Alexandria Station Condominium11 Active
Milway Meadows1 Active
Mission Heights2 Active
Montebello3 Active
Montebello Condo10 Active
Mount Ida2 Active
Mount Vernon Hills2 Active
Mount Vernon Lakes1 Active
Mount Vernon Lakes Condo1 Active
Mount Vernon Townes1 Active
Mount Zephyr5 Active
Mt Vernon1 Active
Mt Vernon Estates1 Active
Mt Vernon Grove2 Active
Mt Vernon Park1 Active
Mt Vernon Square Townhouse1 Active
Mt Vernon Terrace1 Active
Mt Vernon Valley3 Active
Mt Vernon Woods3 Active
Mt Zephyr3 Active
Nethergate2 Active
New Alexandria2 Active
North Hill16 Active
North Ridge1 Active
Northampton At Kingstowne1 Active
Northampton Place3 Active
Oak Run Park1 Active
Old Town19 Active
Old Town Alexandria24 Active
Old Town Commons3 Active
Old Town Crescent2 Active
Old Town Gateway3 Active
Old Town Greens2 Active
Old Town North37 Active
Old Town SE Quadrant3 Active
Old Town South1 Active
Old Town Village2 Active
Olde Belhaven Towne4 Active
Olympus Incl2 Active
Orchard Valley1 Active
Overlook3 Active
Palazzo At Park Center3 Active
Park Fairfax3 Active
Park Place5 Active
Parkeast2 Active
Parker Gray5 Active
Parkfairfax11 Active
Parklawn2 Active
Parkside At Alexandria1 Active
Patrick Henry1 Active
Pavilion On the Park5 Active
Pembrook Village2 Active
Penn Daw Village1 Active
Pinecrest4 Active
Pinewood Lake4 Active
Pinewood Lawns2 Active
Pinewood South1 Active
Pitt St Station1 Active
Plantation Estates1 Active
Plymouth Haven5 Active
Pointe At Park Center2 Active
Port Royal3 Active
Port Royal Condominium2 Active
Porto Vecchio4 Active
Potomac Yards3 Active
Potomac Greens9 Active
Potomac Yard10 Active
Potowmack Crossing2 Active
Potters Glen1 Active
Residences At Sullivan1 Active
Ridge View Estates2 Active
River Towers4 Active
Riverside Estates10 Active
Riverside Gardens4 Active
Riverton1 Active
Robinson Landing8 Active
Rose Hill3 Active
Rose Hill Farms12 Active
Rose Hill Manor1 Active
Rose Hill Park1 Active
Rosemont8 Active
Rosemont Park1 Active
Roxbury of Mt Vernon2 Active
Runnymeade3 Active
Seminary Valley5 Active
Seminary Walk2 Active
Sentinel of Landmark1 Active
Sequoyah6 Active
Shad Row3 Active
Sherwood Hall2 Active
Shirley Forest2 Active
Shirley Park1 Active
Shuters Hill2 Active
Skyline Village1 Active
Skyview Park2 Active
Skyview Towns1 Active
South Kings Station1 Active
St Asaph Square2 Active
St Elmo1 Active
Stonegate2 Active
Stonegate At Landmark1 Active
Stoneybrooke4 Active
Stratford Landing6 Active
Stratford On the Potomac2 Active
Sulgrave Village1 Active
Summers Grove2 Active
Surrey At Manchester Lakes5 Active
Swann Daingerfield1 Active
Sycamores At van Dorn2 Active
Talbott1 Active
Tarleton1 Active
Tauxemont2 Active
Temple Terrace3 Active
The Courts2 Active
The Fountains4 Active
The Jamieson5 Active
The Palisades3 Active
The Preston1 Active
The Royalton3 Active
The Seasons2 Active
The Towns At Abingdon Place1 Active
Thomas Shelton Estate1 Active
Tiers of Manchester Lakes1 Active
Timothy Park1 Active
Torpedo Factory1 Active
Townes At Cameron Parke3 Active
Twenty-One1 Active
Valleigh1 Active
Valley Park Condominiums2 Active
Valley View3 Active
Van Dorn Village4 Active
Victoria Crossings At Manchester Lakes1 Active
Village At Falls Church1 Active
Village At Gum Springs1 Active
Villages At Falls Church1 Active
Villages At Huntington1 Active
Villamay4 Active
Virginia Hills10 Active
Virginia Village2 Active
Walhaven1 Active
Wapleton4 Active
Warwick Village8 Active
Washington Square3 Active
Watergate At Landmark13 Active
Watergate of Alexandria1 Active
Waynewood9 Active
Wellfleet1 Active
Wellington3 Active
Wellington Estates1 Active
Wellington Manor1 Active
Wellington Villa2 Active
West End Condos2 Active
Westover3 Active
Weyanoke3 Active
White Oaks1 Active
Wickford1 Active
Williamsburg Manor North2 Active
Willow Ridge2 Active
Wilton Woods3 Active
Windsor Estates1 Active
Windsor Knoll1 Active
Windsor Park3 Active
Windy Hill1 Active
Windy Hill At Lincolnia1 Active
Woodfield Estates1 Active
Woodland Park1 Active
Woodlawn Manor1 Active
Woodlawn Mews1 Active
Woodlawn Terrace2 Active
Woodley1 Active
Woodley Hills9 Active
Woodstone1 Active
Wyngate Manor1 Active
Yates Gardens1 Active

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