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The National Inventors Hall of Fame is a non profit organization that recognizes and honors individual engineers and inventors who holds a U.S. Patent of significant technology. Located on the United States Patent and Trademark Office Campus at 600 Dulany Street, the museum features a gallery of iconic individuals and their technological achievements that have created a positive impact on the nation and beyond. It features exhibits of the artifacts and documents from the collections of the Patent and Trademark Office. The National Inventors Hall of Fame has already inducted over 500+ engineers and inventors. The mission of the National Inventors Hall of Fame is to recognize inventors and invention, promote creativity and advance the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our real estate advisors are eager to provide real estate advice to people like you in Alexandria. If you have some questions regarding National Inventors Hall of Fame, our real estate agents are local experts. Meaning, we can answer questions about locations, commutes, rental management and real estate matters. If your questions are about the inner workings or practices of National Inventors Hall of Fame, we can only point you to other resources.


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