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Milford Battlefield is the historic site of a battle on September 22–24 during the Valley campaigns of 1864 in the American Civil War located at 152 Overall Rd, Bentonville, VA 22610. The site is located on property now privately owned. It was built about 1820 and is a large two-story, four-bay, Federal-style brick dwelling with a side gable roof. It has two exterior end chimneys and one interior chimney. The house has a three-room, single-pile plan with closed winder stairs in the southwest corners of the two end rooms. A large, two-story frame addition and full-width front porch were constructed in 1924 when the building was used as a boarding house. The interior features painted decorations in the first-floor parlor. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.
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Virginia was one of the 13 colonies and many of our Founding Fathers are directly tied to Northern Virginia.  And, several major Civil War campaigns occurred in or near this area.

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