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Clifton is known for the communities of Little Rocky Run and Union Mills. Until fairly recently history, Clifton was a lonely country sign-post found just off the beaten path. But today Clifton is home for some of the largest and nicest residences in Northern Virginia.

properties For Sale in Clifton

Affordable ($1 to $300,000) 2 Active
Entry-Level ($300,001 to $750,000) 15 Active
Premium ($750,001 to $1,100,000) 20 Active
Luxury ($1,100,001 to $1,500,000) 6 Active
Super Luxury ($1,500,001 And Up) 9 Active

properties For Sale in Clifton

Mid 20th Century4 Active
Late 20th Century35 Active
Millennial5 Active
21st Century2 Active
Newer1 Active
Recently built5 Active

properties For Sale in Clifton

Small3 Active
Modest2 Active
Mid-Sized2 Active
Large4 Active
Big4 Active
Very Large14 Active
Sprawling23 Active

properties For Sale in Clifton

2 BR3 Active
3 BR3 Active
4 BR22 Active
5 BR17 Active
6 BR6 Active
7 BR1 Active

Real Estate In Clifton

$775,000 at Clifton Crest